More zombie preparedness info

Over at,  editor Aaron Sagers posed the question "Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?"

Since it was published yesterday, there are already some additional sources worth mentioning to make certain you're prepped for the walking dead.

Kids can train for zombie preparedness by attending the Nerf Zombie Camp where attendees will be loaded up with an arsenal of Nerf weaponry and "end the onslaught of zombies, and bring peace to the future of this wounded land." Good news! They also have adult camps.

In addition to the Run For Your Lives zombie-infested 5k and obstacle course races being held across the country, Zombies, Run is a fitness app for the iPhone & Android that combines a workout with video game to create an interactive, inspirational story line to get you in shape - and save the world?

Need more tips on getting armed to the teeth and fighting off the hoards when there's no more room in hell, the dead walk the earth and the SHTF (look it up)? Check out the intense and intensely prepared folks over at Zombie Awareness International who are always vigilant, always ready.

Then again, sometimes the best preparation is the most overlooked - insurance. For a low, low one-time fee of $9.99, My Zombie Insurance will guarantee protection for your home and stuff. Why settle for a home destroyed by corpses, when you can get back to normal in no time?