'Being Human' recap: 'I've Got You Under Your Skin'


“I’ve Got You Under Your Skin”
Season 2 – Episode 208

It’s a battle of the exes in this week’s episode of Being Human as Josh gets reacquainted with his ex-fiancé over drinks, Aidan helps Vampire Princess Suren exact revenge on old beau Henry and Sally…well, with Danny dead, the ghosty roommate is contemplating an afterlife-altering decision of becoming the new lady Reaper.

Josh (Sam Huntington) and Emily (Alison Louder)
It’s tough getting dumped and Josh the werewolf proves that he is no different than the rest of us in that regard. Since Nora cruelly brushed him aside in last week’s episode in hopes of spending all of her untethered free time roaming the forest as a she-wolf, Josh has barricaded himself in his room wallowing in a deep pool of self-pity and loathing. And there he might have remained until the full moon rose if it hadn't been for a well-timed visit from his concerned baby sister. However, what should have been an evening of consoling and gentle hugs amongst siblings, quickly turns into an 80’s John Cusak rom-com when ex-fiancé Julia unexpectedly joins the party. True to form, Josh’s sister gets hammered at the bar and Julia and Josh are forced to work together to take his borderline alcoholic sibling home safe and sound. Despite bonding over the experience of tucking a very drunk Emily into bed, the momentary sparks between the formerly betrothed only lead to more heartache over wine as Josh explains his reasoning, tactfully avoiding the werewolf part, for their split so many years ago.

Back at the Vampire ranch, Aidan is forced to make a difficult decision when the sexy Vampiress Suren commands him to rid Boston of the orphans running rampant in the streets. Ridding Beantown of a horde of ravenous bastard vamps wouldn’t be such a big deal if his “turned son” Henry weren’t the head orphan in charge of the displaced vagabonds. In a stroke of genius, Aidan concocts a plan to destroy the orphans that will please Suren while simultaneously saving Henry. Banking on a technicality, Aidan gathers the undesirables in the basement of a rather seedy apartment complex then leaves it to Suren to convince the landlord to sell her the deed with the vamps trapped inside. Since Vampires must be invited inside a home, once the contract is signed, all the orphans burn up faster than a box of tissues in a fire pit while Aidan and Henry look on from the safety of the front lawn. Henry’s return to Boston’s Vampire hierarchy is not entirely without consequence, however, and he is forced to pay a hefty penance for wronging the heir-apparent Suren some 80 years ago. It’s true what they say about a woman scorned and as Aidan closes the door leaving the ex-lovers to hash out their differences, we can hear Henry scream as Suren peels off his flesh in some ancient torture ritual as a way to even the score between them.

With her abusive ex-fiancé shredded for good by the Reaper, you would think all would be right in the ghostly realm for Sally Malik. Well, now the Reaper is after her for passing up her door but all is not entirely hopeless when the “angel of ghostly death” suddenly materializes and, in a stroke of unexpected fortune, spares Sally’s life and offers her a job. In an effort to avoid being eliminated from existence in the horrible process called “shredding,” Sally entertains the thought of accepting the new job of becoming a Reaper and goes on the oddest job interview ever that ends in Sally being tasked with the impossible assignment of “shredding” Stevie, her old classmate from high-school whom she befriended in the afterlife. Sally refuses to kill Stevie only to witness the Reaper do it for her.

Stay tuned next week as Josh picks up the pieces of his shattered love life, Aidan rekindles the relationship with his “turned son” Henry and Sally waits to hear if she got the job as the newest member of the Reaper family.

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