'Being Human' recap: 'When I Think About You I Shred Myself'


“When I Think About You I Shred Myself”
Season 2 – Episode 209

This week’s episode of Being Human was so “like-whoa” I don’t even know where to begin.

I could start by mentioning the ghost mass murderer on the loose or perhaps balk at broken hearted doctor wanna-bes hooking up with possessed werewolf ex-fiancĂ©s or maybe I’ll just skip all that and get right to the vampire with no skin draining co-eds in the guest room…pauses, pushes up glasses and attempts to get self under control…instead I’ll just say that this week’s episode of Being Human was, in my opinion, by far the best yet of Season 2.

Step aside Tyler Durden, the ghost of Sally Malik is seeing invisible friends of her own these days and is up to a lot more mischief than pummeling sweaty dudes in some grimy basement. For weeks now, Sally has been training with a dark haired gentleman whom she calls The Reaper to learn how to “shred” unseemly ghosts that are upending the spirit world with unwanted possessions and all around unghostly like behavior.

Several “reaps” into the process she is having second thoughts about the validity of The Reapers intentions and finally confides in ghost whispering nurse Zoe for advice. Like a good friend, Zoe suggests that Sally confront her fears of the Reaper at the upcoming “group session” for troubled dead folks. Good advice, until Sally turns up at the meeting only to find that the Reaper has gotten there first and taken the liberty of “shredding” the entire group of ghost addicts. Horrified and confused, Sally poofs back to the house only to face the awful reality that there is no Reaper and the current killing spree of local ghosts was done at the hands of none other than Sally herself. When roomies Aidan and Josh happen to walk in on Sally’s latest shred, they imprison her in a ring of salt until they can decide how best to proceed.

Josh the werewolf is in for a few surprises of his own, when old friend Stu suddenly pops back into his life. Stu, who was killed by the same werewolf that turned Josh, is now a ghost and has come back to reunite with him…or so Josh assumes. Still trying to work out things with ex-fiancĂ© Julia, Josh takes her and Stu to the local pub to relive the good ole days. Well, Josh quickly comes to the conclusion that two’s company and three’s a crowd and eventually bails on drinks when things get uncomfortable as he tries miserably to referee two conversations between his lonely ex, that he’s afraid of hurting, and Stu, who is continually egging him on. Two seconds after leaving, however, Josh returns to his barstool and amorously beds Julia that evening. All seems right with the world again until the wolf-man wakes in a start only to realize that it was Stu who possessed his body and had relations with his lady love. Supremely grossed out yet oddly grateful, Josh must now decide whether to pick up where Casanova Stu left off or to dump Julia for the second time in order to protect her from the fate of his last girlfriend Nora.

Henry (Kyle Schmid)
Back at the house, Aidan shakes things up a bit when he shows up at the front door with a bloody Vampire and asks if his friend can come over and play. After having undergone a grueling skin peeling torture from Suren, Aidan brings Henry the skinless, homeless Vampire back to the house for a little "chicken soup" and time to heal his wounds. As Henry is his “turned son,” Aidan agreed to take on the responsibility of looking after the epidermally challenged vamp as Henry did for Aidan so many years ago. But when Aidan brings home take-out in the form of two young ladies for Henry to feed on, a bad situation gets worse as they freak out once Aidan’s magical Vampire coercion powers wear off. As soon as the screaming begins, Aidan begrudgingly snaps the necks of the young co-eds and Henry is only too happy to eat the scraps off the floor citing the “five second rule.”

Stay tuned next week as the boys try to figure out how to save ghost roommate Sally from buying a one-way ticket to crazy town, Julia risks getting dumped again or possibly becoming a werewolf herself by doing the nasty with Josh and Aidan tries desperately to figure out the best way to clean blood off silk sheets.

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