Ghost haunts Montana stadium

Talk about burying the lead. Towards the end of a pretty typical local color story about custodians maintaining the University of Montana Adams Center stadium is a ghostly revelation about the venue:

In spite of such unpleasantness, the custodians say they enjoy what they do. If it weren't for the ghosts, that is.  
"One thing I kind of don't like but get kind of suspicious about is that — a lot of people don't know about this — there's spirits and ghosts around here," said [Jason] Bigelow, removing a plastic bag from a locker-room trashcan. "They like to make noise, especially from the northwest corner of the bleachers. 
" Some of his colleagues pile on further evidence. "It kind of feels like someone's watching you sometimes," Chad Mattfeldt said, having finished his shift waxing the Hall of Champions floor. 
Fellow floor waxer [Joe] West has given the alleged ghost a name: Jack. "It's our invisible friend," he said.
While not the most exciting ghost tale on college campuses, it definitely seems like it warrants a mention a little higher up in the story. Who has heard of Jack the ghost? And is he real, and the spirit of a victim caught in a particularly nasty "wave," or just another story told to pass the time at work at the Adams Center?