Run For Your Lives Zombie 5k photos

Last weekend, the zombie apocalypse began in Atlanta, GA, and about 2500 people paid to be a part of it. Run For Your Lives is a zombie-infested 5k run and obstacle course taking place across the country where participants must run through treacherous terrain and through a wasteland of the walking dead. About 250 zombies are on the course at a time, and they run, shamble and strike all in an attempt to rob the runner of a life flag that signifies health. Finish the race with one of your three flags and you're alive. Lose them all, and you're an infected zombie-to-be. Editor Aaron Sagers ran the race (and was one of only 522 survivors). What follows is a gallery of the run. To learn more about Run For Your Lives, read our CNN interview with the co-creator of the race, Derrick Smith.