Paranormal Pop Comics March 28


Is no place safe from Vampires these days? Super wicked Vamps are infiltrating the countryside of Pickens County, wreaking havoc in Gotham City and have even been spotted participating in a high speed drag race too fast and dangerous even for Vin Diesel. At least we can escape from Zombies and hide in the compound over the hill for a little while, or long enough to go over this week’s Vampire infested but Zombie free Paranormal Pop Comics rundown:

American Vampire #25
Written by Scott Snyder; Art and cover by Rafael Albuquerque

In American Vampire #25, the final chapter of ‘Death Race,’ Skinner Sweet finally gets Travis Kidd right where he wants him only to find out the pesky teen had helped himself to a hearty brew of gold dust and coffee for breakfast that morning. While Skinner chokes on 14 Karat blood and Travis tries to plug the bleeding in his neck, the arch rivals take a walk down memory lane as Travis recounts how he came to hunt the vicious super-Vamp in the first place. Before either of them start to succumb to the effects of gold dust and vampire venom respectively, the men in black show up to save the day armed with plenty of antidotes. Once both parties are treated, the situation seems to be under control until Travis gives the whole group the slip to go joyriding with Piper but I think it’s safe to say after what happens at the end of this comic…this will be the last ride they ever take together.

B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: Pickens County Horror #1 (of 2)
Written by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie; Art by Jason Latour
Dark Horse

B.P.R.D. agents Vaughn and Peters have been called out to investigate strange disappearances in the rural community of Pickens County, South Carolina. The lack of southern hospitality doesn’t bother the agents so much and they find the forest a little too quiet for the paranormal, but have no fear things get all X-Files-ish in no time and what seemed like harmless backwoods is actually overrun by vampires, creepy fungi and a mysterious fog that has the same effect as a strong dosage of Ambian. Rescued by a conspiracy theory preaching hermit, Agent Vaughn is forced to listen to a tale about Prussian Vampires attacking a ship during the Boston Tea Party in 1773 while nursing a wicked fog hangover. Where is Agent Peters you ask? She’s in the next room nursing something even the strongest coffee couldn’t help cure…

The Walking Dead #95
Written by Robert Kirkman; Art by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn

In this third installment of ‘A Larger World,’ Rick and the gang finally make it to Jesus’ magical hidden city. Once they get there, Rick takes a meeting with the head honcho and just as he is about to warm to the idea of a safe existence in this serene gated community, a wild man starts stabbing people. Reacting purely on Zombie trained Policeman instinct, Rick moves quickly to defuse the situation before anyone else gets hurt while the neighborhood watch just stands by twiddling their pitchforks in the dust. Good ol’ Rick was merely trying to keep it safe but will the rest of the community feel the same? Oh and yeah, what the hell is going on here?! Why is this guy attacking his own people?

Justice League Dark #7
Written by Peter Milligan; Art and cover by Mikel Janin

Vampires are attacking left and right and nothing is working! The members of Justice League Dark are playing catch up in this issue of ‘Rise of the Vampires: Part 1.’ Ever since Tig killed Andrew Bennett in last month’s I, Vampire #6 all hell has broken loose, literally, and it’s up to Madame Xanadu to make it right. Even Batgirl jumps into the fray at one point and later John Constantine is seen using a bottle of whiskey and a dead rat to open the portal to the land of the dead. Meanwhile, Xanadu is making deals with the giant blue Buddah in the Astral Zone that she hope will save them all. It’s a crossover event not to be missed, but don’t forget to pick up I, Vampire #7 to see what happens.

Dark Tower: Gunslinger - The Way Station #4 (of 5)
I, Vampire #7
Infestation 2: G.I. Joe #2 (of 2)
Ghost Rider #9