'Being Human' recap: 'Don't Fear the Scott'


“Don’t fear the Scott”
Season 2 – Episode 211

After all the craziness over the last couple of weeks on Syfy’s supernatural hit Being Human, it was logical to assume this week’s episode would be a light-hearted view of Josh the Werewolf, Aidan the Vampire and Sally the Ghost’s return to normalcy. With the exception of a delightfully awkward “family” dinner amongst the roommates and their lady friends, this episode was anything but normal.

After a rocky start, Aidan and Suren finally have their relationship back on track. Henry has been properly tortured for previous transgressions and allowed to return to the Boston elite Vampire society, the orphan problem has been eradicated and in an effort to fit into Aidan’s odd lifestyle, Suren has even promised not to eat any of his friends and/or roommates at dinner.

But, things go horribly wrong when Mother comes to town and Aidan’s supposed reward of "freedom" for successfully helping get the Boston Vampire Frat back in ship shape is nothing like freedom at all, but in fact a banishment. Shocked and lovesick at the thought of life without Suren, Aidan takes a quick swing at the merciless Vamp mama, misses, then races back to the house where he informs Sally and Josh that he is going on the run and taking Suren with him because he is in love with her. Trusting only Henry with their plan, the lovebirds skip town and hole up in a dirty motel complete with gaudy duvets and a green pool out back. While on a mission to acquire some "food" for a very hungry Suren, Aidan gets attacked by a gaggle of vamps led by none other than Henry, or Judas as he can now be referred to as, in a stunning turncoat move that everyone saw coming...probably even Aidan.

Everything is all late night diners and giggles between Josh and ex-fiancĂ© turned full on girlfriend Julia, that is until she-wolf Nora stumbles back into the picture like the prodigal ex that just won’t stay gone. Now, Josh is the monkey in the middle between two women and unfortunately it’s time to make some hard decisions about who and what he wants. After some debating, he triumphantly chooses Julia in a grand gesture of major PDA at the hospital. Unable to take the hint, Nora still turns up at Josh's house that evening like a bad penny to share some pertinent information she learned while running with the purebred twins. Apparently there is a way to lift the curse of a werewolf, but it involves the killing of the one who initially passed the werewolf curse on in the first place. In Josh's case that would be Ray but in Nora's case, that would be Josh. And the plot thickens...

In a very One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest moment, Sally tracks down her possession obsession Janet who has just been admitted to the Psychiatric ward for treatment due to distressing hallucinations and general bonkers-ness. Still feeling guilty over going cuckoo herself, she tries to repent her wrongdoings by saving at least one person’s life she ruined this season. With the help of an also very guilt ridden and repentant Nora, Sally manages to convince her once favorite possessee Janet through a spiritual game of telephone that she’s not crazy and the haunting visions that don’t make sense are just memory remnants of when Sally used to wear her body around for fun. Despite the warnings from Josh not to meddle in anyone else’s life, Sally and Nora persist and eventually save poor Janet from an inevitable mental breakdown. However, Sally’s progress towards being mentally healthy herself is small and far from over because she is still haunted by the reaper. This, coupled with Aidan’s sudden departure, leaves Sally in a very fragile mental state and the next time the reaper offers a life of purple and gray cocktail parties, she may not have the strength to refuse him.

Stay tuned next week as Aidan tries to decide whether to flee with Suren or stay and fight for her, Josh ruminates further about being the frayed rope in a nasty game of relationship tug of war and Sally picks up the pieces of her broken afterlife…hopefully without the help of that pesky reaper fellow.

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