Unexplained Games: Kinect 'Star Wars,' 'Diabolical Pitch'


In this week's new releases, we've got everything from lightsaber wielding from the comfort of your own home to killing demonic mascots with baseballs!

Diabolical Pitch

(XBOX 360 Kinect)
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Grasshopper

Releasing April 4, you'll get America's favorite pasttime with a twist. Set in some strange and twisted amusement park, you must channel all your baseball playing skills - or at least pretend you have skills - using the Kinect motion features to fight of hordes of various monsters. 

Kinect Star Wars
(XBOX 360 Kinect)
Publisher Lucas Arts
Developer: Terminal Reality

The story line takes place during the prequel trilogy where you play as a Jedi using the Kinect system to pick up and throw objects via The Force. And you can or whip out a lightsaber using specific body movemnts. The game is broken down into five sections which each complete with their own campaigns. Don't you worry, you will get to fight Darth Vader

Unexplained Game News: In other news, being re-released this week for both Playstation and Xbox 360, now in HD, is your favorite hack 'n' slasher Devil May Cry by Capcom! Once again you will be able to enjoy this game in high definition and now with added bonus content to the original series.