Hellish new details about '666 Park Avenue'

Courtesy ABC
The coming Fall 2012 TV season is looking devilish courtesy ABC's new show, 666 Park Avenue. Based on the book series by Gabriella Pierce, the show stars Terry O'Quinn from Lost (in full-on evil Locke form?) as Gavin Doran, the owner of The Drake, a lux Manhattan apartment building where supernatural occurrences.

What looks to be a bit of The Devil's Advocate meets Needful Things - with a dash of American Horror Story thrown in for good measure - the 80 residents of The Drake enter into Faustian bargains with deadly results. (O'Quinn even says in the trailer, "What I do is fulfill needs," and he apparently uses Vanessa Williams as a helper in the task.)

But the question is, are the residents dealing with the actual devil or just some supernatural stand-in?

(What follows is spoilery)

Based on some inside info about the show, Paranormal Pop Culture has learned that Gavin is likely the devil and The Drake is a gateway to hell. A big marketing push from ABC will focus on asking viewers, "How far would you go to make all your dreams come true?" and "Make a deal with the devil and there will be hell to pay."

Sounds pretty cool, and when the show premieres in late September or October, we look forward to spending some time in hell.