'The Bachelorette' courts a vampire hunter?

Don't prick your finger on a thorn in The Bachelorette house because there's a vampire on the loose! Or so says contestant Alessandro.

Coming to us courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, Alessandro opens up that he has a "medium side" and told bachelorette Emily Maynard that he believes dark energy vampires are on the loose in the house where the action for the ABC reality show occurs.

Says Emily in her People.com blog, "he thinks of himself as a ‘Vampire Detector’ and let me know that not only was there a vampire in the house, but he also had me join him in the woods, which explains my combat boots as I was walking him out. When he took me out to his special place in the woods, I saw that he had hung crosses from every limb on every tree and in that moment I knew we were living on completely different planets."

Sure enough, in a lost clip over at EW, Alessandro leads Emily to a "sanctuary" where vamps cannot get through. The area is covered in lights and crosses, with a bird screeching in the background. Although Emily appears livid to be placed in such an absurd position by the show's producer's - and clearly already thinks the dude is unhinged -  she keeps it together and wishes Alessandro luck in figuring out the whole "vampire deal" in his head.