New 'Van Helsing' game teaser hits

Game developer Neocore has unveiled the teaser for the RPG-action game, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Gamers will vanquish creatures as the famous monster hunter in an adventure that promises a sense of humor, and a fresh take on gothic tropes.

Says Neocore:
"Featuring young Van Helsing, son of the famed monster hunter, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing sets players on a fantastical journey to Borgovia, a kingdom on the very edge Eastern Europe, and the perilous lands surrounding it. In a place where unexplainable technology and supernatural creatures are prevalent, players will take on the role of the romantically dark protagonist in this modernization of the legendary vampire killer. Featuring an immersive storyline, a memorable cast of characters, and a beautifully dark and gothic art style, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing looks to test the bravest hunters in Q4 2012."
While the trailer doesn't show too much, some of the monsters on the game website look cool, like the Frankenstein-inspired creation. Also, maybe this is just an Easter Egg for fans, but it appears Van Helsing is standing on a pedestal with the name Russell Edgington - the Vampire King of ole' Miss - engraved on it (click to embiggen). Nice shout out to True Blood fans there.