Indiana Jones gets Blu-ray release date

courtesy Paramount Pictures
The end of Summer and beginning of Fall 2012 will henceforth be referred to as the Season of Spielberg.

Even though we've known the Indiana Jones series would be appearing in Blu-ray form for a few months now, it was announced by Paramount Home Entertainment and Lucasfilm that Indiana Jones: The Complete Collection would arrive Sept. 18 - and included a completely restored Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Indy collection comes about a month after Jaws is released on Blu-ray on Aug. 14, and about a month before E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial hits in October (with the digitally erased guns back).

Now, watch the previously-released trailer for the Indiana Jones collection (along with trailers for Jaws and E.T.), and try to contain the goosebumps ... after the jump

- Aaron Sagers