Kylie Minogue eats Dorito off werewolf Joe Manganiello's fat belly

... And that headline, ladies and gentlemen, is a first. But it's true. The actor who plays werewolf Alcide on True Blood, and stars in the male-stripper movie Magic Mike, appeared on The Soup last night with a big prosthetic belly. In fact, the only six pack he was rocking was the one tucked in his pants (one rode in the crack, and the other was al fresco).

As if the shocking appearance of Joe Manganiello wasn't funny enough - he assured us he's a lot less fat than how the big screen makes him, and host Joel McHale look - things got better when Aussie singer Kylie Minogue popped in to eat Doritos off of Joe's belly. As Joel mentioned, the two were just "trying to break the Internet."

So who wins in this scenario? Kylie? Joe? Joel? No, you do, TV audience. You do. Clip embedded below.

-Aaron Sagers