Dark Horse Horror gets under our skin

Dark Horse Comics sent along this image today without any accompanying info, and yet it says so much. Although the comics publisher had already been making a big push to bring back horror comics for some time now, the maneuver has cultivated in a PR campaign.

This particular image from the "Drawing On Your Nightmares" calls to mind the experience of being a little kid, staying up late - way past bed time - to read about monsters and maniacs (and reading Colder in this case). Utilizing a flashlight, so as not to call upon the wrath of angry parents, a boy is surrounded by creeping shadows and a plethora of horrific possibilities just beyond the halo of light.

Sounds awesome, right? Trust us, it does, and hopefully it means we can look forward to some cool DHH news very soon - although we already got a bunch of info from Comic-Con about Eric Powell's The Goon, Steve Niles' Criminal Macabre/30 Days of Night crossover and a new book by Lance Henriksen.

We'll keep you posted on the news, but for now, just enjoy this creeptastic pic.

-Aaron Sagers