'Pocket God' toys on the way

Pop culture toy manufacturer Funko wants you to go on a little power trip with new Pocket God vinyls.

The toys are based on Pocket God, a "god game" where you manipulate islands of adorable Pygmies - and then smite them when they anger you, or you're just bored. The game is the fourth highest selling app of "of all time" in the iTunes App Store and is pretty darn addictive.

Available Aug. 30, the vinyl-toy collection of 16 ("Mysterio Minis") are blind box items with 24 pieces per product display. Each figure has a "rarity scale" that defines how hard it is to find and collect them.

From what I've seen, these things look pretty fun even if you haven't played the game (although I have, quite extensively). But there is a nice assortment of a zombie, ghost, vampire and skeleton Pygmy, along with 12 more.

Oh, and if vinyl isn't your thing, Funko will also be releasing plushy Pygmies.

-Aaron Sagers