'Face Off' recap: 'Pirate Treasure'

Roy's dagger pirate. Courtesy Syfy

Nice Booty

Episode two of Face Off didn’t hold nearly as much drama as the premiere but it did offer a first in the series. This week, there was only one challenge: To create an original pirate character that has become one with the sea. Oh, and the winner of the challenge gets a booty of $5,000!

The episode begins in the contestant’s home and we learn that the winner of last week’s Star Wars challenge, Rod, has tendonitis and his wrist is wrapped. He chooses to deal with the pain versus quit. Then, very likable Laura finds a chest on the kitchen table. It contains 11 keys and a message hinting at the next challenge. They board a train and end up on a pier in San Diego.

Spotlight Challenge

There was no immunity challenge tonight and the celebrity guest was the H.M.S. Surprise, a ship used in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The keys they selected back home open a chest on the ship that reveals the oceanic item they must use in their spotlight challenge.

Here’s the breakdown of the items: Rod: seahorse; Eric: spyglass; Roy: daggers; Tommy: kelp; Nicole: ship in a bottle; CC; barnacles; Derek; netting; Sarah: sea urchins; Jason: jewels; Alana: crabs; Laura: shells.

McKenzie opens the final chest to reveal that the winner will acquire the prize money. Needless to say, they’re pretty excited and the determination to win really shows tonight. The gang is given some inspiration time on the pier to sketch some ideas before they’re whisked back to L.A. to begin creating.

Day One

The first day of their challenge involves the sculpting of the inanimate model. Most of the contestants are quite confident except for CC and Alana. Alana is "terrified" and appears quite stressed about her casting and even slices her finger. The blood might add a nice effect! CC takes quite a while conceptualizing her barnacles piece and appears "lost."

Day Two

Since Ve Neill worked on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, she is the judge chosen to check out their work on day two. The two contestants she’s most concerned about are CC and her use of more jewels than barnacles; and, Nicole, because she’s attempting a gender switch with her model.

Ve calls Roy’s daggers design "bad ass" and thinks that Sarah’s sea urchin costume was amazing. Meanwhile, Rod is "single-handedly" struggling with his mold. No worries though, he frees the piece and goes on to create a judge-pleasing creation. After enduring some pirate jokes we’ve all heard, we see the teamwork of the other contestants when they come to Alana’s rescue to salvage her hole-y mold.

Day Three

The breathing models have arrived and the 4-hour application phase has begun. This is where everything starts to come together and tensions rise even higher. Alana injures herself once again, the wig that Tommy designed doesn’t fit properly and CC has an issue with her paint. Far cry from the drama from last week. Sorry folks, no major meltdowns this week. Maybe Joe should have been one of the models? That would have been kinda fun.

The contestants are given one-hour for last looks and the judges are treated to 11 very cool creations, despite the stress. After the judges take an individual look, Rod, Tommy, Nicole (despite her flaccid mast), Derek, and (practically hanging on by a thread) Alana, are safe and sent off to relax.

Final Decision

The top three looks end up being obvious choices. Roy’s dagger creation was described as having a "profound silhouette" (Neville), "clever" (Ve), and "cool image" (Glenn). Sarah’s oozing pirate wench was described as "dynamic" (Neville) and it took Ve’s breath away. Laura’s incorporation of sea shells was lauded as having a "nice feel head-to-toe" by Glenn, and Neville called it "fantastic."

The bottom three looks included: CC’s "lack of barnacles" barnacle look; Jason’s lackluster and "jewel-less" jeweled pirate; and, Eric’s "cartoonish, not-steampunk-enough" spyglass creation.

The winner turned out to be Sarah for her sea urchin infused witch. Her plans for the $5,000 are to take her boyfriend out for a nice dinner. Like, in Paris? Don’t blow it all in one place sweetie!

It seemed obvious that the eliminated contestant would be CC. From the beginning, she struggled and her look just wasn’t even close to the work the others put in to theirs. Glenn sees potential in her and urged her not to give up her dream.

Do you agree with the decisions? Do you already have a winner picked out for the season? Who are your favorites?

Next week’s challenge on Face Off involves a similar task from the end of Season Two: their creation will need to perform in an acrobatic dance. Check it out next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on SyFy.