'Game of Thrones,' 'Conan' actor shifts to werewolves for new movie

Momoa, courtesy Hollywood Reporter
If you’re a fan of the hit HBO medieval fantasy series, Game of Thrones, you’ll remember fun-loving hunk, Khal Drogo. Well, Jason Momoa portrayed that fan-favorite husband of Daenerys Targaryen - as well as the barbarian Conan - and is now set to play a werewolf in the directorial debut of X-Men screenwriter, David Hayter. The film is called, simply enough, Wolves and will begin shooting next month in Toronto, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The story revolves around an 18-year-old man (played by Lucas Till aka Alex Summers in X-Men: First Class) who recently shifts into werewolf form and is falsely accused of killing his parents. He escapes to a supernaturally-charged town called Lupine Ridge and encounters Momoa’s lycanthroptastical (totally made-up word) character who is the villainous patriarch of the town.

Think the 6' 4" Momoa is a howling good choice for this bad-ass role? Game of Thrones featured direwolves, so, of course, this is a natural next step, right? It has also been a while since we’ve seen a good werewolf film, so is this one you’re looking forward to seeing?

-Larissa Mrykalo