Be dead, but not dead lonely

Want to find a dear to join you on dearly departed dates? Seeking an immortal beloved to visit some of your favorite haunts? Pursuing a soulmate to share a love that will not expire - unlike your rotting corpse?

Well, if you're dead tired of spending death alone, then is for you.

A dating site for ghosts (with Internet access), allows all you polterguys and poltergals a chance to seek a perfect partner for ethereal excitement. Using a supernatural search engine to find a mate between the ages of 18 or 1000+ years-old - with a cause of death that varies from mysteriously, horribly, tragically or suddenly - matches you with a spectre so you can experience the paranormal as a pair.

As an added bonus, is 100% free (because you can't really take it with you), and won't even cost you your immortal soul since that's already spoken for. They even offer some free dating tips for ghosts, so all you have to do is browse and contact them via email or mediumship.

Ah yes, this was fun to write. The Internet has yet again delivered a little mirth to kill work productivity, and even if you're not a ghost, you should check out, from the mind of improv comedian/writer/Web guy Randy Tayler.

-Aaron Sagers