Paranormal pinups a supernaturally nude no-no for cop

One of Hansen's more SFW pics, courtesy Salon
There are all kinds of hobbies in this world: scrapbooking, card collecting, knitting ... taking pictures of naked women air-brushed to look like supernatural beings. Wait, what? Vampires, mermaids, fire elementals and witches are some of the many paranormal beings San Francisco police officer Gared Hansen likes to turn his nude, female models into and it's led to him nearly losing his job.

In an article at, Hansen states, "I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy novels. So my idea was to create a series of photos that had been digitally altered or in some way surrealistically created to look like various characters in the science fiction and fantasy novels that I enjoy."

Hansen does it just for fun and it doesn't seem to be hurting anyone - except Hansen. Turns out the SFPD isn't too thrilled with one of their own dabbling in this avocation and, in 2009, they launched an investigation after a colleague ratted him out. Ironically this is an issue in one of the most sexually liberal cities in America. He has even turned over his tax records to prove that this was not unauthorized secondary employment and, in 2010, they tried to cite him for trespassing during a shoot. Now Hansen in currently suspended.

Despite fighting for his artistic freedom, Hansen took down his website which displayed the provocative photos. His wife - yes, he's married and she's even posed for him - then created a new site to show off her hubby's talents. Her site is now also under investigation.

Hansen is currently awaiting the results of disciplinary hearings and he obviously wants them to be overturned so he could continue to engage in his passion.

What do you think their problem is with Hansen's hobby? Is there something else going on here that he's not telling us? Do you want to see these pictures or start taking some of your own? Let us know what you think!

In the meantime, head over to Salon to check out the NSFW pics.

- Larissa Mrykalo