'Face Off' recap: 'Dishonorable Proportions'

Laura works on her Weeper, courtesy Syfy

Only seven talented contestants remained for a cool new challenge on Syfy's Face Off. It involved having them create a distorted and exaggerated character based on the eagerly anticipated and soon-to-be-released (Oct. 9th) action-adventure video game Dishonored. Jason's elimination last week shocked Roy who thought Rod would be eliminated since he didn't listen to direction. Does Rod step up his game tonight to protect himself?

Foundation challenge

Tonight's immunity challenge involved doing an avant garde beauty make-up on one of seven models clad in a very unusual dress. They were given two hours to complete the make-up, which needed to complement the dress. Guest judge was Make-Up Forever's head artist, Lijha Stewart.

Laura was exited to do a theatrical make-up and create a smoky eye but Rod admitted to being nervous and struggled. Some very cool looks were achieved but Lijha called Rod's sloppy creation a "hot mess." She chose Roy's geometric creation as the winner and thus, rendered him safe from elimination.

Spotlight challenge

The Steampunktastically decorated Edison Lounge served as the backdrop and inspiration for the challenge reveal. Industry and the supernatural collide and the contestants got to choose one of four Dishonored characters to serve as inspiration for their creation. The choices were: City Watch (Roy); Thug (Tommy and Derek); Aristocrat (Rod and Sarah); and Weeper (Alana and Laura). After some inspiration time in the lounge, they went back to the lab to begin their challenge. Getting the Steampunk look down is key (or Glenn is gonna be really upset!).

Day one

Model picking, sculpting, refining the design ideas and a walk-through by Judge Glenn sums up the first day of the challenge. Rod is still shaken from last week's challenge but seemed determined to get it right this time. Alana planned on taking an Aristocrat and evolving into a Weeper even though Glenn highly disagrees with her vision. He liked the direction Laura is taking and encouraged Tommy to make anatomical decisions correctly.

Glenn's one main piece of advice was to stick to the crux of the challenge by making sure they exaggerate/alter at least one of the character's proportions. Do they listen?

Day two

The gang got 10 hours to finish their molding and sculpting. Tommy's confidence waned when he started to struggle with his character's ginormous arms but finds time to help out Sarah during some trouble. Derek also made hulking arms and Rod incorporated glass into the make-up. Since Roy had immunity, he decided to challenge himself with a silicone piece.

Laura continued to re-sculpt the face by further extending the jaw but this put her in a time crunch. She experimented with tubing on the face since Weepers cry blood. Alana also did a Weeper and feels confident and ready…for a change!

Day three

Application day allowed the contestants 4 hours in the lab and then 1 hour for last looks. The live models arrived and the fun began. Derek changed the ethnicity of his model and Rod needed to work on getting his model some sight behind his mask. Tommy had an issue with the creation's hair pieces and his confidence and focus plummeted. Alana also lost her confidence and thought she might be going home. Wrong Alana!

The judges got a distant and then closer look at the very cool characters and Laura, Alana and (immune) Roy end up being safe. Top looks were Rod, for his beautifully handled, shattered glass infused Aristocrat, and Derek's bad ass Thug. Bottom looks were Tommy's duct-taped armed Thug with the poor sculpting that missed the point of the challenge and of the game; and, Sarah's lost vision and inaccurate Aristocrat.

The winner of the challenge ended up being Derek who combined the aesthetic of the game and the rules of the challenge. Rod did make some great decisions too and redeemed himself. However, Tommy's character that lacked recognizable structure and didn't meet the criteria of the challenge, caused his elimination. Glenn praised his obvious passion and Tommy admits learning a lot from his experience on the show.

Do you agree with the judges? Which were your favorite looks? Did you think you know who might win the entire season? Check out next Tuesday's episode which involves a collaboration with some young artists. You know whee: Syfy at 9 p.m. ET.