Paranormal Pop Comics Sept. 26


It is a survival of the supernatural fittest this week as Pearl the Lady Vampire goes rogue into the desert, Ozymandias meets his mental match at a cocktail party and Sara Pezzini figures out mid-flight whether or not she can work her Witchblade wings in this week’s Paranormal Pop Comic rundown:

American Vampire #31 – Pick of the week!
Written by Scott Snyder; Art and Cover Art by Rafael Albuquerque

Still reeling from her scandalous Skinner Sweet indiscretion, Pearl tries to make it up to her dying mortal husband with a few tender kisses and an adorable scrap book. But, the attempt at a reunion between the two lovers is quickly interrupted when new intel is discovered about movement from the enemy's cult of no good, very bad Vampires. As Skinner is about to drive off into the night to knock another name off the blacklist, Pearl pleads with him to wait for her to which he retorts with a vicious tongue lashing even Tina Turner would admit was a bit harsh. Determined to stop Boch for good on her own, Pearl goes back to the drawing board and finds a new clue that leads her to a creepy prop lot out in the middle of the desert. I guess even Tinseltown needs a spot to store its tinsel, too bad it’s being occupied by a bunch of blood sucking Vamps.

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #3
Written by Len Wein; Art by Jae Lee, John Higgins

In issue #3 of "Before Watchmen: Ozymandias," the smartest man in the world meets Dr. Manhattan, the most omnipotent man in the world. It sounds like a question Kevin Smith might pose to one of his friends, in a battle of the mind between the all-knowing intelligence of a supreme being and the smartest of all mortal men…who would win? While we don't have the answer...yet, it certainly is fun to see the two mental powerhouses meet before they join forces in the Minutemen. Before Watchmen’s Ozymandias series has been my favorite to follow so far out of all the resurrected Watchmen character’s back stories. Among other delights in this latest issue, the true pronunciation of the name Ozymandias is revealed, chuckle chuckle, as well as the origin of the construction of Veidt’s now infamous headquarters in Antarctica.

Witchblade #160
Top Cow
Written by Tim Seeley; Art by Diego Bernard, Fred Benes

Just because Sara Pezzini is the bearer of the Witchblade, doesn’t mean that she has completely mastered all the gadgets and gizmos that come along with the metal exoskeleton of power. In this issue of "Witchblade" #160, Sara officially gets her wings as she goes all "Die Hard" on the top floor of a skyscraper in an attempt to save the only honest politician left in Chicago from getting blown to bits at a charity event. It helps to have friends in high places, especially when you’re Sara Pezzini and falling to your imminent death off a highrise. If only those Witchblade wing thingies came with some sort of instruction manual…

Angel & Faith #14
Dark Horse
B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Return of the Master #2 (of 5)
Dark Horse
I, Vampire #0
Mars Attacks #4
The New Deadwardians #7 (of 8)
Wonderland #3