Winchester House launches haunted 'Fright Nights'

Courtesy Winchester Mystery House
The Halloween season is upon us and with it comes some fabulous haunted attractions around the country. Joining locations such as Eastern State Penitentiary on the list of "haunted attractions that may actually be haunted," is the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA. For the second year, the Winchester House will be offering its "Fright Nights" attraction through October and opens tonight, Sept. 28.

The featured attraction, "Curse of Sarah Winchester Maze," traps visitors in a maze of cornfields, graveyards and ultimately ends with them stumbling into Sarah Winchester conducting one of her renown seances. It is reported that the real Sarah Winchester was told she was cursed by the souls of those who had been killed by the Winchester rifle, which was her family legacy. To avoid the curse, Sarah built her maze-like home continuously until her death.

Those who are brave enough can tour Sarah’s Winchesters "Mystery House" on their own, with just their wits and a souvenir flashlight to guide the way. The home, which consists of a maze of rooms, corridors, and stairways, has been reported to be haunted, and was recently named #2 as "World’s Most Haunted Places" by the Travel Channel. Some of those who have investigated the house include Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, and the Most Haunted crew from Travel Channel.

If you think you have what it takes to face the ghosts that may haunt the Winchester Mystery House, you can find more information on their website at

- Alli Salzman