'Face Off' recap: Zombies in Wonderland

The Wonderland zombies on the reveal stage.
Courtesy Syfy

The yuck factor prevailed on last night's new Face Off and we were treated to two special guest judges: boxer Laila Ali and director Paul W.S. Anderson. But the big draw were the ever-popular zombies! But first, the talented contestants got to participate in an immunity challenge.

Foundation Challenge

After lamenting the lost of Eric, the gang heads to a downtown gymnasium where they encounter a boxing ring and the daughter of legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali. Their first challenge tonight was to create a "realistic trauma make-up" that makes the model look like they’ve just gone 10 rounds in the ring. They were randomly assigned their models and given 90 minutes to complete their work.

Jason is confident that he knows how a person would look after a fight because he has a background in martial arts. He was right to be confident, because after Laila scrutinized the subjects and made her critiques, Jason came out the winner and was granted immunity. On to the main challenge ...

Spotlight Challenge Reveal

A stroll through a picturesque forest leads the contestants to a colorful, magical garden. There, hostess McKenzie Westmore revealed that the T-Virus from the hit movie franchise Resident Evil, has infected Wonderland. They are to chose a character from the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and make it look like they’ve been infected with the virus and, thus, turned into a zombie.

The book characters they got to choose from are the following: Alice (Nicole); The Queen (Roy, Rod); The Cheshire Cat (Sarah, Derek); The White Rabbit (Tommy, Alana); and, The Mad Hatter (Laura, Jason).

Needless to say, there was much excitement and they got some inspiration time to sketch - except for Sarah who grew up Mennonite and did not have much zombie exposure while growing up. She’s nervous and lacks confidence with this challenge.

Day One

As always, the first day is dedicated to sculpting their models and further imagining their designs. Nicole helped lost Sarah with her concept and Roy said that this design may be his most complicated ever. Tommy was super confident and a little more manic than usual. Is that possible? The goals were big tonight.

Day Two

Alana was actually feeling confident and accident-free this evening ... whoops, never mind. Her Rabbit cowl fell to the ground ears first. Laura talked about the really cool yet incredibly disgusting concept of her Mad Hatter using his intestines as measuring tape. She looks so sweet and innocent but clearly there lurks some fabulous deviousness in that blonde’s braaains.

Judge Neville Page did his walk-through and said how much he loves Rod’s idea but that it needs more visuals. He is concerned about Tommy’s creation’s ability to "read from a distance." The two stand-outs at this point are Rod (with his cool snap-together glasses) and Roy (who never takes his hat off). Not a lot of drama tonight either except for Tommy’s left arm mold disaster. Bet’s are on that Joe snuck in and sabotaged it.

Day Three/Judgment Day
It’s Application Day! They got four hours with their models and then one hour for last looks. Roy and Nicole were happy and feeling good while Derek was not digging his paint job. Alana had some more ear issues but Roy saves the day by pulling out some heavy foam. Roy is clearly a super hero in disguise ... what are you hiding under that hat, Roy?

After the frantic Last Looks, the judging begins and they got to meet Paul W.S. Anderson. He directed all of the Resident Evil films so he knows a little about zombies. He sees lots of creativity and is impressed overall. After taking a closer look, Jason (who is immune anyway), Sarah and Alana are revealed to be safe.

The bottom looks tonight were: Tommy’s disappointing White Rabbit, who had cool ideas but Glenn just can’t see them; Nicole’s too ambitious and poorly painted, Alice; and (gasp) Rod’s not-zombie-enough Queen. Paul says that Rod’s creation missed the point of the challenge and looked more “vampiric”.

The favorites tonight were: Roy’s mutating Queen that mesmerized Ve; Derek’s fantastically asymmetrical Chesire Cat; and Laura’s sympathetic Mad Hatter. The ultimate winner turns out to be Roy and his remarkable Queen.

Unfortunately, Nicole was eliminated tonight for her Alice zombie. She was confident throughout the challenge but she just did not save her "too-dark" make-up. She was told to "keep plugging away" and tearfully proclaimed that she knows what she loves to do and plans on moving forward with it.

Do you agree with the decisions tonight? Who/what were some of your favorites? Are you excited to meet that Kevin Smith next week? We certainly are. Check out the next episode on Syfy, next Tuesday at 9pm ET.