'We're Alive' brings zombies to podcasts

For all of you zombie apocalypse fans out there, it's hard to know what's good and what's just the same old "zombie ate my family" story. I present for your consideration a podcast called "We're Alive." "We're Alive" is presented in the old radio play format - which I find fascinating. It has a complete cast, with sound effects and music. Essentially, it is the story of three soldiers who have survived the initial zombie outbreak in Los Angeles and their hunt for supplies, survivors and a new home all while trying not to get eaten.

This is another of the dystopic apocalypse scenarios: Survivors are on their own, with no law, no government, and no Internet! Additionally, this always means that there are "bad" survivors, which we get plenty of here. There is also the question of what exactly are the "zombies." Some appear so different it's questionable whether they were ever human, and some appear to be smart. So what are they really? This is the question that keeps me checking in with the group week after week. Maybe someday they'll tell us. In the meantime, I enjoy the complications of living in this particular zombie wasteland.

All in all, I have found this an enjoyable story. It does however, suffer from the bane of my existence, The Cliffhanger. But that goes with the whole radio play thing. "We're Alive" is currently airing it's third season. The episodes are fairly short, usually only 15-20 minutes each. A nice length for listening while I'm sitting in traffic. For you parents out there, I think this one is appropriate for mature teenagers. Obviously, it includes violence, but the "explicit" rating appears to be mostly for a few swear words once in a while. Not being overly sensitive to such things, I barely notice them.

You can find the "We're Alive" podcast for free on iTunes, or at zombiepodcast.com. Give it a listen, and let me know what you think!

-Melissa Harkness