New batch of 'Walking Dead' McFarlane Toys emerges

Courtesy McFarlane Toys
Toy collectors and zombie-heads should start saving up for McFarlane Toys' next wave of Walking Dead action figures, debuting October 2012. Based on the AMC drama, the TV Series 2 includes shaved-headed Shane Walsh, a new Rick Grimes and three zombies - the RV Zombie (with the screwdriver in the peeper) and Well Zombie from season two, and the Bicycle Girl Zombie from season one.

According to the McFarlane Toys site, the anticipated zombie action poses from the figures includes (after the jump):

RV Zombie
"During the opening scene of season two, a mob of flesh-eating zombies swarm the group. Unaware of the flesh-eating zombie onslaught, Andrea becomes trapped in the recreational vehicle when one climbs aboard. Under attack from this "RV" Zombie, Andrea fights back, stabbing the zombie in the eyeball with a screwdriver. Our zombie figure simulates that scene with a flip-back head play-action and a removable screwdriver in its eye."

Bicycle Girl Zombie
"The maimed zombie girl shown crawling next to her bicycle in a park turned out to be one of the most iconic zombies from season one. She is also the first zombie Deputy Rick Grimes encountered in the season one opener. Figure features an eerie reaching motion play-action while lying on her base. Accessories include a damaged cell phone and jeans, as seen in webisodes."

Well Zombie
"A rotten, bloated zombie surprise resting at the bottom of Hershel’s water well that the survivors eventually attempt to hoist out by using Glen as bait. This is, by far, one of the sickest looking zombies seen yet on the series, and our figure is one dead on, stomach-churning replica. Figure includes 9 points of articulation with a pull-apart play-action that reveals his soft gooey guts inside. Accessories include attached rope and canned ham."

-Aaron Sagers