'666 Park Avenue' recap: 'The Dead Don't Stay Dead'

Annie gets imaginative with her writing, courtesy ABC

This week's episode of 666 Park Ave began exactly where the last left off and proved to be extra creepy because ... Dolls! Jane is banging on the door that trapped her and, of course, has a low battery on her phone. Was it low to start with or did she experience battery drain due to the paranormal activity? She sees movement, hears a low whisper, sees those damn dolls, and then, her leg gets grabbed.

Henry rescues and comforts her and investigates the room. He finds nothing and, it turns out that there's an air vent where voices can easily stream in. Like a lot of people do after they have a paranormal experience that gets debunked, Jane feels silly and even questions her sanity. As they walk back to their apartment, a figure runs by and we get to see a little ghost girl ... clutching a doll. Who is she?

Annie, Are you Okay?

We meet a new tenant tonight. Her name is Annie and she writes obituaries. Naturally, she doesn't want to write obits and, as an aspiring writer, she wants to write stories that matter. On her way back from the charming and inviting laundry room, she runs into Gavin in the elevator. He's everywhere, isn't he? She utters the proverbial "I would do anything to ..." line and Gavin helps/inspires her to write and move forward in her career. Back in her apartment, she writes an elaborate obit for a man named Oscar Diebold. She makes him a heroic CIA agent who fought against the evil "Kandinsky" and sends the article to print.

The next day, Annie is stuck in traffic because well, there's a really big funeral for this hero dude named Oscar Diebold! She panics and admits to Gavin that she made all of that up. He calmly tells her that she wouldn't want to take away the glory from such a hero and that things are going to turn around for her. She's starting to get more and more confident in her craft.

After seeing how influential her writing has been and receiving praise from her colleagues, Annie decides to write a retraction of her recently deceased mom's obit. She makes her a the best-selling author of a book that sold over 400 million copies. That's reasonable! Annie is suddenly wearing a gold watch, has new hair and make-up and is wearing fancy new clothes. Mama took good care of her! Her lies are coming true.

Her editor wants to know what's going on and wants to know more about this Kandinsky character. She admits to having a great source and makes up info on the spot. Annie then treats herself to some champagne and starts to write on this evil man. I guess she hasn't realized that what she writes, comes true. She hears a knock on the door and discovers that it's this evil, Russian torturer that she made up! He breaks in and attacks and kidnaps her. In a final scene, we see Annie gagged and tied to a chair. Will we see her in the next episode? Was Kandinsky planned not only by Annie, but by Gavin to carry out his evil doings?

Brian and Louise

Louise is feeling frisky and fantastic despite recently being crushed in an elevator. Her new hire, Alexis, pops in to drag her to a yoga class right as she and Brian start to get down and dirty. Brian is not only upset that Alexis can access their apartment but he was about to get some! That does it ... Brian needs to get out of this place. He asks lawyer Henry to take a look at the lease to see if there's a loophole. Henry reveals that it's pretty tight and that it appears Gavin doesn't like it when a contract is broken. Well, that's obvious! Henry then sees a naked Alexis in her apartment and we can't tell if he's shocked or aroused. Probably both. Alexis becomes modest all of a sudden.

Alexis randomly shows up at a dance club when Brian and Louise are out with Henry and Jane. Louise also got wind of Brian wanting to move out of their fantastic apartment and gets mad. This whole scene seemed a bit unnecessary other than revealing that Louise used to be a trampy club kid that Brian saved. She also likes to dance seductively with her assistant.

Jane and Henry

Three main plots revolved around our main characters. While enjoying a game of racquetball at Gavin's fancy club, Gavin asks what Henry's desires are. We learn that Henry wants to marry Jane. Gavin pushed him to strive for more and go after the career he longs for ... Chief of Staff for a City Councilman. Ironically, during lunch, Gavin points out that the man of Henry's dreams is there eating lunch. Gavin urges Henry to go talk to him and not come back until he has the job. He listens and makes it happen. Henry is super excited and Gavin's evil plan to acquire a certain piece of land, is coming to fruition.

It turns out that Gavin and Councilman Edwards had a deal and Edwards wants his compensation that he is considering hiring Henry. Gavin gets miffed when he finds out that Edwards won't help him attain the Green Point Towers building he unnaturally desires. It's apparently a dump, but there's someone else who wants to purchase the property. Gavin will match the deal but Edwards won't budge. Yeah, you shouldn't mess with Gavin ... or he'll throw you down an elevator shaft into the pit of hell. Why does Gavin want this piece of land so badly?

When Jane pays a visit to Gavin to discuss what she found in the basement and to ask him about the renovation plans, she notices orchids throughout the building. Gavin reveals that they were his late daughter's favorite flower and that it's the 10-year anniversary of her deadly accident. He says that he'll check on the original blueprints because, seriously, who would possibly want to bury the history of the Drake? Who, indeed! Gavin then asks Jane to look after Olivia on this sad day, because, she "gets destructive."

Jane asks Olivia out for lunch and much is revealed from both parties. They dine at the favorite restaurant of Olivia and Gavin's deceased daughter, Sasha. Olivia asks some personal questions about Henry and Jane's sex life and Jane mentions the vivid visions that she's been experiencing since moving into the Drake. Jane is worried about her mental health and makes an insensitive comment to Olivia that "the dead won't stay dead." Olivia looks a bit put off but then clears the air with "it happened long ago."

After lunch, the gals take a little spin in Olivia's Porche. Olivia drives like a freaking maniac and almost crashes into the very wall that her daughter purposely ran into. Olivia admits that Sasha intended to die that day and that she found her suicide note. Apparently something changed when she turned 15 years old and she became unreachable. The night before her death, Sasha and Gavin fought and Olivia never showed him her suicide note. Now, Olivia says that she is co-sharing this burden because she told Jane. Ummm, no thanks, Olivia!

On a memorial bench dedicated to Sasha (1984-2002), Olivia re-reads and then sets fire to the suicide note. As the note burns, the camera zooms in on Sasha's own words, "He's evil." What did she know about Gavin? Did he have a contract with his own daughter? And who is the little girl Jane was grabbed by in the opening scene? Does it have anything to do with Sasha?

Throughout the episode, Jane remains fixated on the hidden room and the paranormal activity she's experienced. While trying to take a nap before their night out at the club with Brian and Lou, Jane hears a bell tinkling through the air vent. She heads to the mystery room and witnesses the wall bleeding and sees a little girl who gives her a warning. Gavin then appears with the blueprints she requested and the activity ceases. Would you be able to enjoy a night out dancing if you just saw bleeding walls and a ghost child?

When Jane and Henry arrive home after their clubbing, the doorman tells Henry that Gavin wants to see him even though it's 2 a.m. It is to let him know he should look for a different job (probably because he shoved his would-be boss into Hell). Jane heads back to the apartment and sees the little ghost girl in the hallway (holding a creepy doll). She whispers a warning to her "Don't let him out." Don't let who out? Oh it's probably whomever is in the creepy suitcase Jane brings back to her apartment after seeing the noisy little bell on top. Hands start to push through the suitcase as Jane drifts off to sleep.

Who is in the suitcase? What will happen to Annie? Will she be tortured by her evil invention? Who is this little girl and why did she have to like dolls so much?

Hopefully we'll find out more next Sunday's new episode of 666 Park Avenue, 10 p.m. on ABC.