'Grimm' recap: 'The Bottle Imp'

Hank and Nick do Wesen homework, courtesy NBC

Opening quote:
"'Let me out, let me out,' the spirit cried. And the boy, thinking no evil, drew the cork out of the bottle."

Here's a promising opening. Nick and Juliette are in the kitchen while fireworks are going off outside. They're cooking and telling funny stories, when, wham! Juliette remembers telling Nick this funny story about her dad and bird whistles. They start making out when an annoying beeping begins. It's Nick's alarm. He's dreaming. On the couch. Again. How about that to start a great day of Grimming?!

A sweet little girl in a pink hoodie is sitting on her porch with a pink suitcase. Aww. Soon, Daddy drives up in a beat up truck and off they go. On their way out of town, they stop at a gas station. Unfortunately, Daddy's credit card is declined. He gets a little angry and his inner Wesen slips out a little. The next thing we know, The gas station attendant is screaming and blood splatters everywhere.

This gives us an excellent reason to get Sgt. Wu involved. He introduces the murder scene with a wistful reminiscence about the good old days when people just shot, stabbed, or strangled each other. Turns out Daddy's name is William Granger. Oh, Bill, you're in some trouble now. Nick and team head to Granger's house looking for his wife. Yeah, she's locked herself in the bathroom all beat up and bleeding. She passes out before she can tell them anything. I'm getting a feeling April is not a good little girl.

Meanwhile, back at the Spice Shop, Rosalee calls and tells Monroe to mix up a little something for a client who's coming in. Well, Monroe gets a little distracted and puts the wrong ingredient in. Oops. This won't end well. Never interrupt someone during potion-making.

Bill and April need to ditch the truck. "These are the times that try men's souls." Seriously, anytime a kid in a pink hoodie starts quoting Thomas Paine, be worried. They catch a ride with a good Samaritan. But, an Amber alert comes on about April, so Bill punches him out. Not usually a good idea in a moving vehicle.

Did you know that Sgt. Wu is also a hacker? He finds all kinds of interesting stuff on 'ol Bill's laptop.

Guns, kevlar, bunkers. Fun. Juliette's arrival at the station for a visit, interrupts all this. Renard walks up and Juliette gets all twirly and stuttery. Oh, yeah. This doesn't bode well for Nick ever getting off the couch. She twirls away. Leaving the boys to go to Aunt Marie's Trailer to do some Wesen research. Hank is suitably impressed by all the monsters in Nick's books. They discover that the Grangers are Drang-zorn. They are very short-tempered and prone to violent outbursts. No kidding. They also take refuge in underground dens when threatened. I'm thinking they are feeling pretty threatened right now. The boys get distracted by all the crossbows until Hank spies the elephant gun. Hank has to fess up that Monroe was the one who shot the Ogre last season, saving Hank's life. Hank gets all squishy.

Adalind calls Renard wanting to know who killed her mother. Renard lets on that Juliette is awake. Seeing as he is the only one who could have woken her, Adalind says things are going to get fun! Renard glances at his computer screen to see that he has typed Juliette's name over and over again. Fun indeed.

Over at Drang-zorn Central, Daddy, has been a busy little Wesen. That is one impressive bunker, Bill. Aww, the little girl sleeps with a light on. You know she's evil. Remember the driver of the truck? He wakes up in the forest all duct-taped up. Wonder why Bill didn't kill him? Maybe because it's April, that's the bloodthirsty little monster here?

Rosalee calls to check on Monroe and he discovers that, hypothetically, he has poisoned his patient. Oopsy. “I should probably check on him.” That would be a good idea, Monroe. At Leroy's apartment complex, Monroe hears him babbling through the door when a chainsaw starts up. Oh my, the horror. Monroe enters just in time to see Leroy saw a grandfather clock in half. Leroy knocks himself out running into a door and Monroe administers his antidote. Ah, another happy customer!

Sgt. Wu narrows down the bunker location and the search is on. They bust into the bunker and collect the little girl. The damsel saved, they head back to the station, where April is taken to stay with a nice foster family. This will not go well. Meanwhile, Daddy has been spotted headed to the hospital, where April's mom is being treated. When Nick and Hank show up, they find that April is the one who attacked her mother. Nick finally cottons to the fact that April is the bad guy, or girl. Poor little April. The change has come to soon, and she can't control it. Not knowing that April is a crazy monster, the foster dad, puts her in timeout when she gets aggressive with a bully. Bad move, buddy. She is attacking the foster father when the Grimm Team shows up. She smiles so sweetly at Nick, with blood and gristle in her teeth. Apparently, April gets to spend the rest of her adolescence in Juvi, where luckily, Monroe knows a Wesen guard who can watch over her. Creeped out, Nick goes home to a candlelit dinner with Juliette.

He only thought his night was going to end better than it started. After dinner, Juliette and Nick dance to some sappy music. Kissing starts. Things are going well. When they come up for air, Juliette pulls back, and sees Renard's face. Oh yeah, Nick is never getting off that couch.

The next episode of Grimm, "The Other Side," airs Oct. 19 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.