'Haven' recap: 'Over My Head'

The Teagues hash out details, courtesy Syfy

This week, we had a quirky trouble, a tension-filled trio of leading characters, and fun touches of show mythology. What a fun trip to Haven!

The Trouble

Frank is afraid of the water. Alice, his instructor, is having a heck of a time coaxing him to the water. Just as she's starting to lose it with Frank, something unseen yanks Alice under the water, and only her blood resurfaces. When Audrey arrives and questions Frank about the death, he explains that his wife made him take the classes to get over his fear of water. No one else in his family was afraid of water - quite the opposite, actually - which rules him out as a troubled person. Frank goes on to explain that Alice wasn't his usual teacher. She was just subbing for Daphne, who hadn't shown up for work that morning. One thing we do know: Whatever killed Alice was big and vicious.
Duke shows up, completely uninvited. They don't even know for sure that there's a trouble. Nathan is miffed, to put it lightly. Duke just killed a man, and Nathan is afraid he'll do it again. Just because Duke didn't ask to get a rush from touching troubled blood doesn't mean he won't grow to like it. 

The coroner digs a shark tooth out of Alice's leg, which definitively makes this a trouble. Audrey and Nathan head off to meet with Frank again and run into Duke, who is determined to tag along. Suddenly, a wave comes out of nowhere and crashes into a car, drenching (and thoroughly confusing) its driver. The officers race over to help Mr. Harris out of his car, and ask if he knows either Frank or Alice, but he doesn't. They notice a bad cut on Harris' leg and tell him to go get cleaned up and meet them at the station. Audrey receives a call that Frank is dead, and the group leaves to check it out.

Frank somehow managed to drown standing up in the shower. Mrs. Frank explains to Audrey and Duke that Frank wasn't troubled at all, but that he had tried calling Daphne all morning, and she had not answered. Audrey surmises that Daphne may be troubled and may be IN trouble, leading to Alice and Frank's deaths and Harris' car issues. Audrey heads out to investigate at Daphne's house, and gives Duke Daphne's cell number to try while they drive.

At Daphne's house, Bob, the neighbor, tells Audrey that he hadn't seen Daphne, and it wasn't like her not to keep in touch. Out of nowhere (well, actually, out of his shirt), hundreds of tiny crabs begin swarming over Bob's body, sending him screaming to the ground. They're able to get the crabs off of him with no permanent damage, but can't figure out any connection between the affected folks other than Daphne. Nathan, who has made it onto the scene, calls the station to find out if Harris has made it in for questioning, and finds that he has not. In fact, no one's been able to reach him.

The trio race to Harris' house and find all the windows and a cellphone have been smashed in a distinct pattern. They also find Harris on the floor of his front porch, in a pool of his own blood. He tells Audrey that this isn't a trouble; it's karma. He hit a car and pushed it over a cliff and into the ocean. Relieved of his burden, he dies, leaving Audrey to wonder if the car that went over the cliff could be Daphne's. 

Meanwhile, over a cliff and in the ocean, Daphne sits in her rapidly sinking car. As she screams for help, Duke's number flashes on her out-of-reach cell phone. As she sees the name, Duke begins to drown on dry land. I give you this week's trouble: everyone Daphne thinks could help her experiences not only what she is experiencing, but what she fears she will experience, including death. Audrey manages to rescue Duke with CPR. The trio puts together the puzzle pieces. Alice died first because she was a co-worker and should have noticed Daphne missing. Frank died next because he was the student she didn't get to teach. Her neighbor didn't report her missing. Harris didn't have a change of heart and rescue her. Finally, Duke's calls could only go unanswered. Duke figures out the only place she could have gone over the cliff, and the three rush over with ropes to try to save Daphne and stop the trouble. 

At the cliff, Audrey decides to go down the steep embankment first, since she's immune to the troubles. Before she can, though, Duke has already made it halfway to the car. Nathan is sure he's going to kill Daphne to end her curse, but Audrey says to wait. Give him a chance. Duke allows himself to touch Daphne's blood, and uses the rush of strength it gives him to rip apart her car. Duke rescues Daphne, much to Nathan's surprise. He doesn't say anything, but the look of shock and, dare I say, respect is evident. 

The Colorado Kid

A pretty blonde is attacked, killed, and scalped at an ATM, with the entire encounter captured on security camera. While reviewing the footage, Tommy asks Nathan if the killer could be one of those troubled people he's heard so much about, but Nathan says no. This isn't a troubled person; it's Haven's first serial killer, and between this week's scalp and last week's nose, he's started quite the trophy collection. Nathan's sure this is the same person who abducted Audrey. Later, we'll learn that 24 year-old Mary was not troubled and had no relation to either Rosalind, last week's noseless lady, or Audrey Parker. We'll also see our shadowy mystery man use the scalp to begin building what looks to be his own Franken-Audrey. Why? And what on Earth is he planning to do with it?

Audrey and Claire are trying their hands at regressive past-life therapy. It takes a while, but eventually Audrey sees herself as Lucy, and we see the Colorado Kid (a nice looking guy in his early-to-mid-thirties). Then, we all see a ramshackle barn door open, and Agent Howard tells Audrey (in a dream) to stop remembering. Will she?

The Town GossipThe delightful Teagues show up at the station, sniffing around for clues on the murdered girl. They saw the crime scene at the ATM, have put two and two together that it was whoever abducted Audrey and cut off last week's victim's nose, and now want to know what trophy he took this time. Tommy wouldn't spill, so they're trying their luck with Nathan. Nathan decides to give them a little information...in return for some answers from them. Who are the tattooed people? The brothers reluctantly tell him that they fight for the troubled, and to go to the Gun & Rose and ask for Jordan. Nathan tells them that the serial killer has a tattoo, and nothing more. The brothers are nervous. "This changes everything." They decide to blackmail Tommy to gain more information (As my sweet husband asked, "Is he a good witch or a bad witch?").

Tommy finds out the Teagues are checking up on him and tells them to knock it off. This is actually great news for the Teagues, since this could only mean that Tommy is hiding something really big. A little research turns up that Tommy has a sealed internal affairs file back in Boston. They figure out that it had to do with a shooting, and go to Tommy with their findings. Turns out, Tommy's been doing some research of his own, and knows that the Teagues own half of Haven and have lots of money in off-shore, untaxed accounts. If they stay out of his business, he'll stay out of theirs. With three guys this stubborn, things could get interesting. Also, if the Teagues have this much control over the property in Haven, then how much control do they have over the REST of Haven? Those two are awfully secretive, after all.

At the Gun & Rose, Nathan meets Jordan, a beautiful, indie chick who is beyond suspicious of him and his tattoo. He's a cop and an outsider, but somehow, his charm gets to her and she tells him to come back when the restaurant closes. When he returns, Jordan wants to know why he got ink he knew nothing about. Turns out a guy named Max Hanson was Nathan's biological father - not Chief Wuornos! - and this apparently means something to Jordan. I wish it meant something to me. Maybe it will next week. She tells him that you don't get the tattoo without being troubled. She's unable to touch anyone without causing them unimaginable pain. He surprises her by taking her hand, since he can't feel pain. He tells her to let him know how he can prove to her that he's trustworthy, then lies and says that no one else--not even Audrey--knows he's asking about the tattoo. Jordan says she'll talk to her people.

Duke and Audrey have a nice heart-to-heart about how his family's legacy doesn't control him, and neither does Audrey. He's his own man. Claire calls him on caring what Audrey thinks about him.

Next week on Haven: Lady Justice starts kicking butt and taking names, Friday, Oct. 19 on Syfy.