'666 Park Avenue' recap: 'Murmurations'

Courtesy ABC

"You Belong to Me"

What a fitting song to start the second episode of ABC's devilish series! As the popular 1952 hit song plays, Gavin Doran emerges from the (working) elevator at the Drake. Jane confronts him about her not being informed about the death of John Barlow and Tony displays a tinge of jealousy when he hears that the party planners have arrived to set up for the event to which he was not invited. Tony was passed over for the job as building manager…any guesses as to what his motivation (desire) was?

Jane then heads to the Barlow apartment to get things in order after his untimely death. She hears something in the walls and tears away at the wallpaper and dry wall. A swarm of starlings fly out at her and escape after they break through the window. Gavin spies the flock and does not look pleased.

Jane tells Tony about their need for an exterminator to rid the Drake of their bird problem. Tony looks miffed as he is calling to get their defective elevator fixed. He hands her the card of the exterminator they regularly use. Nona (the resident psychic thief) prophetically warns Jane, "Don't mess with the birds, they're part of the Drake." Jane lets her know that her irreplaceable necklace has been pilfered.

Brian and Louise Leonard

Semi-crushed Louise is still in the hospital and really concerned about having to be there and missing work. She had a collapsed lung and a concussion and supportive and horny husband, Brian remains by her side. In walks Louise's new assistant and Brian's window obsession, Alexis, with some work for Louise to complete at the hospital. Louise has provided Alexis with a key to their apartment, apparently, and Brian looks concerned. He should be.

Later, Jane visits, and Louise expresses concern about all the work she is losing because of her injuries due to the Doran's obvious neglect of the broken elevator. She mentions a lawsuit and Jane backs away to keep herself out of the situation.

Back at their apartment, Brian attempts to keep the curtains closed but to no avail. Alexis continues to tempt him and even greets him post-shower with a little tonsil hockey. Brian just wants her to leave and stops her.

Eventually, Louise is home from the hospital and notices all of the closed curtains. She also notices the mail that has piled up, including an apology letter from Gavin Doran. He somehow got wind of her law suit intentions and wrote the Leonards a check for $300k. Would you mind getting crushed by an elevator for $300k? Just kidding! Of course you wouldn't mind.

Jane and Henry

The Doran's party was an obviously fancy affair. We got to meet a lovely, young(?) tenant named Danielle Tyler who is seemingly unlucky in love. More about her later…

Henry learns of a multi-million dollar deal on an office building that Gavin has cooking up. It turns out, Henry knows about the toxic dump near-by but it unable to tell Gavin because it would come back that he spilled the beans. We later find out that Gavin bought the building and flipped it right before the news on the near-by contaminated land leaked to the press. Gavin made 20 million dollars on it and his test with Henry worked. Henry is labeled a hero.

Maybe she's super stressed about Henry inviting the Doran's over for dinner, but Jane is still having some creepy dreams. The dreams all seem to center around this concrete covered door in the laundry room/basement. Her newest one includes seeing a murdered man on the floor of his apartment. The next day, she questions Tony the pissy bellboy. He reveals that there have been suicides and accidents at the Drake, but no known murders.

When the exterminator arrives, he discovers the "murmuration" of starlings…the biggest nesting he's ever seen. He tapes the hole in Barlow's apartment and proclaims that he'll kill them all. Not if they don't kill you first! Jane has him demolish a large hole in that concrete wall covering the mysterious door in the basement. She's such an opportunist! Nona walks in on them and tells him that he's going to "upset the birds". She then steals his lucky rabbit's foot and has a psychic vision of him being attacked and then killed. Her vision comes true when he is leaving and is pecked so badly, he ends up in traffic and hit by a cab. Damn birds!

As Jane arrives home from buying a pot roast to feed the Doran's, she sees a figure in the hallway. She then discovers an envelope was slid under her door. It contains a newspaper clipping from 1956 describing the murder of Drake resident, Edward Paxton. No killer was found and Jane recognizes him from her dream. She should probably concentrate on cooking that pot roast though…they take a while to make!

Dinner goes well, the Dorans just love that roast Jane learned to make compliments of her grandma. We learn that Henry and Jane have been together for 5 years and don't have any immediate plans to get married. Olivia warns that a guy like Henry could get snatched up. Subtle.

Later, Jane questions Gavin about the newspaper clipping and he is surprised. Yeah right. Later in bed, Jane prophetically states to Henry that she thinks the Drake is trying to tell her something. Oh, that murder? It occurred in 7G ... Danielle's apartment.

Danielle Tyler

Danielle strikes us as the "Carrie Bradshaw" type; a single girl just looking for love in the big city. At the Doran's party she is dateless but she tells Gavin that she has a date the next night. Well, she did but she was stood up. Oh look! Gavin is there with a handsome man who would like to have a drink with her ... how convenient!

Danielle and her suitor have a lovely time together, drinking, laughing, dancing the horizontal mambo. How dare he gets up and leaves afterwards to get home to his wife? She didn't know he was married and unfortunately for him, Danielle murders him. The scene is juxtaposed with Jane seeing the 1956 killer ... it's Danielle! Why, she hasn't aged a bit!

Enter Gavin. He tells Danielle that he was a bad man who lead her on AND not only cheated on his wife, but cheated Gavin on a bad business deal. Gavin then runs down all of the failed loves in Danielle's life and how she disposed of them all, including her first love, Edward (the dream man). When she looks in the mirror in disbelief, an old lady stares back at her. Gavin comforts her that she'll be better in the morning. He's right! Looking refreshed, she runs into Jane and let's her know that her date had cancelled and to tell Henry she said "hi." Oh?

Gavin reminds Danielle that "Finding love makes it worth the pain of searching for it." So true Gavin ... so true. You probably shouldn't murder people though.

When One Door Closes…

When Jane runs into Gavin in the lobby, he lets her know that he doesn't want the birds killed because they've been a long-time resident of the Drake. He also wants her to take care of the mess in the basement. When Jane heads down to the area where the mysterious door is revealed, she tries to open it but to no avail. She then gets into big trouble when the final scene shows a door slamming in on her and trapping her.

Will Jane be saved? Yeah, most likely since she's the star of the show. What will her consequences be? Are you loving this show so far? What does it need more of?

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