'Face Off' recap: 'Immortal Enemies'

The finalists feel the pressure. Courtesy Syfy

Tuesday's Face Off episode featured the last Spotlight Challenge before the big live finale tonight, Halloween night, at 10 p.m. ET. But you know that already. Nicole, Derek and Laura are instructed to create not one, but two Halloween-themed characters. The crux is that the make-ups need to be able to handle the demands of an elaborately choreographed stunt show.

Simple enough, right? Suuurrre...

After getting a surprise Skype session from their loved ones, the three head to the harvest-astically decorated lab. McKenzie reveals that their inspiration will come from one of the oldest celebrated holidays ... HALLOWEEN! Nicole reveals that her love of Halloween is actually what got her into make-up.

Their three-day challenge involves designing both, a demon of their choice, and an elemental-inspired good witch whose mission is to chase this demon down and banish it back to Hell. They get to choose one of four elements: earth, air, water or fire, and they also get to choose two of their former rivals to help them out with the challenge. Nicole chooses water as well as Roy and Sarah for her team. Derek picks the element of fire and naturally picks his twin, Erik, and Jason for his team. Laura goes with earth and chooses Tommy and Rod.

The teams get to work and the contestants are naturally under immense pressure. Laura is getting frustrated and distracted by Rod's constant check-ins but ultimate, produces two very cool creations. Roy is having a tough time even looking at Nicole and not being reminded that she took his spot in the finals. Kinda poor sportsmanship but he redeems himself by making her a cool-looking staff. Tommy trips and breaks the staff so, oh well. Roy handles it really well actually.

After all the usual phases of design are completed and a quick look at the Prius V that is up for grabs is taken, the teams managed to create some amazing looks.

Nicole's Water Witch is beautiful, with a soft face and coral pieces gracing the sculpt. Her demon has cool teeth that were fashioned out of feather quills and incorporated the water theme as well. Laura's Earth Witch was a lovely soft gray creation that was inspired by cherry blossom trees and accented with moss. Her orange demon with a contorted mouth and horns was quite a contrast. Derek's Fire Witch had a lava landscape and his earth-imprisoned demon was stone-like and wrinkled and paired well.

The highlight of the episode was the was the elaborate stunt show that the creations needed to endure. It was action-packed but the fact that it took place in a warehouse, seemed odd given the "natural" theme of the creations.

The judges loved all of the contestant's designs and had minor critiques. They liked Derek's demon but you could see the model's mouth through the opening although the amount of work was impressive. Glenn wasn't thrilled with Laura's demon and didn't think it felt like her work. Glenn had a problem with the "blockiness' of Nicole's demon but she was referred to as "the comeback kid" and has made great strides since her resurrection.

Overall it's a tough choice, but, the viewer plays a huge role in who wins. At the end of the show, we were provided with three phone numbers to vote:

Laura 1-855-55FACE1
Nicole 1-855-55FACE2
Derek 1-855-55FACE3

Lines are open until 7 p.m. ET on Halloween and you can vote on the Face Off Live website.

Did you vote yet? Care to let us know who you chose? Stay tuned tonight for the ultimate winner!