'666 Park Avenue' recap: 'A Crowd of Demons'

courtesy ABC

All HELL broke loose on tonight's new episode. In the opening scene, we learned a little something about the smokey suitcase guy. His name is "Peter Kramer" (Jim True-Frost) and after a conversation he had in the elevator of the Drake on Halloween, 1929, he seems to have invited evil into his home.

Peter and some buds apparently did a little wealth-inducing ritual in the basement of their apartment building. According to the time in history, this is understandable since the stock market just crashed. When he gets home to his wife and daughter, things go down hill fast. He reveals that his firm was closed and then his eye gets all wonky. Stress twitch? Unlikely. He tells his wife that, "In Heaven, you will be truly happy." That's not a good sign and neither is the ax with which he starts to bludgeon her. Their daughter hides under the bed and mama manages to give her a necklace that she urges to keep in the family. We end up seeing this necklace later on Jane. Isn't is Jane's grandmother's cherished necklace? Hmmm …

Henry and Jane

It's Halloween at the Drake. What could possibly go wrong? Olivia is decking the halls with boughs of spider webs … tastefully, of course. There's a big party tonight!

Jane would love to help Olivia, but she is rushing off to see Henry on TV. He's talking about saving his boss's life and is quite modest about the whole incident. We meet Laurel Harris (Tessa Thompson), a media consultant, and she advises Henry that she could help him with extending his 15 minutes of fame. Did Gavin send her? She seems to be pushing the political agenda and is strongly encouraging him to marry Jane. She's awfully pushy and ends up at the Drake party because her firm always gets invites. Anyway, Jane is just trying not to get chopped up by Peter Kramer.

After her bird-adorned Tippi Hedren costume gets wet with a drink, Jane heads back to her apartment to slip into her slinky red dress. She ends up bumping into the little ghost girl who reveals that the suitcase dude got out. Jane investigates the suitcase and finds a hidden newspaper with a picture discussing a terrible murder. The murderer looks an awful lot like the dude she and Henry just saw in the elevator…the man really dug her necklace too. Jane hears a noise and then gets attacked by Peter.

The lights go out and she manages to escape. The rest of the episode is her being chased by Peter. She even manages to get a fellow resident killed when she uses his phone to call the police. This is why no one gets to ever touch my phone!

When cornered, Jane dodges another blow and when Peter hits the wall with his ax, those pesky birds exit the wall and swarm him. Brian swoops in and saves Jane and they eventually talk to the police.

Is Peter gone for good? Well, his ax and the body of his victim disappear into the floor at the end and we don't see him anymore. What's up with Jane's grandmother's necklace? Is that little girl actually Jane's grandmother? She looks awfully young. Well, I guess we'll see soon.

Olivia and Gavin

Gavin clearly has some enemies. He's a powerful man. Well, he's a little more powerful than your typical guy. Someone wants to get back at him and he knows that harming Olivia would really piss him off. After sending a mysterious text, Olivia is almost taken out by a fast-moving vehicle.

At the Halloween party, Olivia manages to get herself gassed by a masked-man (what a perfect opportunity to fit in with a mask!). The mystery man wants something very powerful of Gavin's and it's in his safe. It's a box with a symbol on it and it ends up missing. Gavin finds Olivia, safe and sound, on their terrace but he wants his box back. He is super unhappy and vows revenge.

Brian and Louise

We learned in an earlier episode that Louise used to be an addicted club kid that Brian rescued with his love. (groan) Well now, since her elevator accident, she has been popping pills again. When Brian walks in on Louise and her doctor, Scott (Enrique Murciano) on the couch, it makes us wonder what the hell is going on. She is down to her bra and getting her torso massaged. It's perfectly innocent. Louise blows it off and mentions setting Alexis up with the cute doctor. Louise just wants to get some pain killers from Dr. Scott…nothing more.

We start to think that Alexis redeems herself a little when she apologizes to Brian and returns his apartment key. It turns out, she's still got ulterior motives.

Alexis, meet Dr. Scott, Dr. Scott, meet Alexis and get your phone stolen by her while being seduced. Why did she do that? When Louise leaves the party with Dr. Scott, Brian becomes suspicious. All she wants is a prescription. They end up getting stuck in the elevator when the power is shut off by Gavin's nemesis. Dr. Scott DOES attempt to kiss her but we see by her response that she only wants him for his prescription pad. Meanwhile, Alexis uses his stolen phone to text to Louise's phone that he wants to meet upstairs because "I want you."

Brian heads to their apartment during the chaotic power outage and finds Louise's phone with the faux text from Dr. Scott. He's obviously pissed and this situation is not resolved by the end of the episode.

So what did you think of the new episode? Is the show getting better or worse? I'm actually really liking this show and want to see more.

Next week, "Diabolic": Jane uncovers how she is connected to the history of the Drake and is devastated by the lack of support from Henry and the police, following the terrifying Halloween party. Meanwhile, Gavin tracks down the person who endangered Olivia and stole his property. (http://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/666-park-avenue-2012/episode-6-season-1/diabolic/375665)