'The Walking Dead' recap: 'Walk With Me'

The Governor's post-killing spree speech, courtesy AMC

I always watch the previous week's episode of The Walking Dead before the new one. I am reminded what a selfish, spoiled character Lori is from watching the end of last week’s episode.

Pick me, choose me, love me, kill my lover and your best friend, wait, why did you kill him? Ehhhh, can we talk about our relationship? Me, me, me!

Enough about that.

Michonne and Andrea

Michonne and Andrea witness a helicopter crash. Andrea is barfing all over the place. There’s a lot more people alive than I previously thought. Initially it’s not clear what the purpose was of the governor rummaging the helicopter wreckage.

I am astounded at how quickly Michonne disposed of her headless pets. Katana! The headless pets (loving that hashtag #headlesspets, by the way) were in some way previously connected to Michonne; that much is clear. I think they must have been family members or another close association to her.

Michonne and Andrea are taken by The Governor to his compound. The medicine that they’re giving her seems to be quick acting. Michonne and Andrea are not aware that the all dead turn into zombies. That could be a useful tidbit to know.

The Governor

He is heading up a whole mini town. I am not quite sure what he wants with Michonne and Andrea, but at first I was thinking he was going to try to knock them up like on 28 Weeks Later to help rebuild civilization.

He discovers how Michonne used her zombie pets to repel other walkers, and he seems to be intrigued with her survival tactics. I don’t think that he cares much for Michonne other than trying to steal her secrets, but he definitely is interested in Andrea.

I find him to be a little creepy. He’s like a mixture of Rhett Butler and a rapist.

It turns out that he is an actual creeper. He discovers the location of the military guys from the only survivor of the 'copter crash, and goes to kill all of them. The Governor is attempting to take over control of what’s left of civilization.

He goes back to his mini-town and lies to all the townspeople to make himself seem like a decent human being. It’s just a matter of time before he locates the roofies stash that some college kids left behind and drops one in Andrea’s next fertility treatment - I mean tea.

Homeboy has some skeletons in his closet, and he’s definitely a dark dude. Yuck, he keeps his headless conquests in aquariums in his bedroom. Gross. Why are Michonne’s zombie pets’ heads in there, hmm?

It’s just a matter of time before he tries to find Rick’s group and take them over. Power struggle!

Quick question, guys: Who has the bigger set of balls? Rick, The Governor, or Michonne?


Merle is back and complete with a bayonet arm! I don’t think that Merle’s holding a grudge or anything against Rick and the guys. Why didn’t Merle mention T-Dog? HA!

He seems to still be a big psycho, so that’s always good.

There’s something dirty about the way he says that Andrea left him on the roof and "made him mutilate himself."

Sinking My Teeth In:

  • I’m just putting this out there, but Lori and Carl’s absence this week was a well-needed break from the lesser Grimes.
  • I did, however, miss Glenn and Maggie.
  • Did you guys catch next week’s preview? Was that a human heart?
  • Bespectacled Woodbury scientist dude Milton is curious and really creepy. He looks like he enjoys his work too much.
  • Looks like we’re going to get plenty of Rick’s crew next week. Yay?
  • Dying to see what’s up with the Governor as that story line develops.
  • Michonne seems to be a lot more skeptical of the Governor than Andrea does.
  • Speaking of Andrea, I think she’s forgotten how to flirt in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.
The next episode of The Walking Dead, "The Killer Within," airs Sunday, Nov. 4, 9 p.m. ET.