'Fringe' recap: 'The Bullet That Saved The World'

Peter looking badass, courtesy Fox

Peter siphoning gas from a car on the bad side of Boston. He enters a pawn shop, and meets an Observer who hands him a necklace, telling him this is what he was looking for. The Observer, still rooting around in Peter's mind, asks him "what are the Red Sox?" When Peter leaves the store, Loyalists are waiting for him. He escapes into the sewers, when they throw a bomb in after him. The tunnel is suffused in light. Peter awakes outside a storm drain, with a young boy playing a harmonica nearby. These are the little details we love Fringe for.

In the lab, Astrid and Walter are rescuing another tape from the Amber. Peter arrives, depressed by his inability to keep the Observers out of his mind. Their situation seems hopless. Etta assures him that she will teach them all how to hide their thoughts. Cheered slightly, he gives Etta the necklace to replace the one they sacrificed last week.

Phillip Broyles is called to the pawn shop by Commander Windmark, who is playing with a Simon Says. He is perplexed by the purpose of a necklace. Broyles let him in on the secret. You wear it around your neck. I've missed Broyles. Windmark continues, informing Broyles that one of his men failed a security test and he never knew about it. Indicating there are other rebels inside Fringe Division.

Meanwhile, the team is watching the newest tape, which is very garbled. What they can see, is mostly Walter ramblingly telling a story about his mother taking him on Manhattan Mystery Tours.

Fortunately, Walter deciphers his own message and identifies a subway platform in Manhattan. Which will be hard to get to, through an Observer checkpoint. Walter decides he needs to get to a rolling cabinet that also contains his Easy Bake Oven that's still Ambered. Turns out, he needs what's under the cabinet. Too bad, I would really like a tiny little cake right now. "Astriph! Pepare the laser!" They cut through the floor, and enter another room. A room that Walter used to store the miscellany of their old Fringe cases. "There was a time we solved Fringe cases. I think it's time we created a few of our own." Ah, Walter. He even kept the porcupine man.

Broyles is watching the interrogation of the man who failed his security test. The Observer is playing back the interview, where the man failed to know the weather on the day of his graduation from the Loyalists Academy. The Observer declares him a member of the Resistance and invades his mind looking for Peter Bishop and the others. But the Observer becomes distracted by another image. The Dove. The man claims he doesn't know the identity of The Dove. Broyles, who is watching on a monitor, pulls his weapon and turns off the safety, just before the Observer enters his office. Could Broyles be The Dove? Or perhaps it's Etta? Instead, the Observer questions Broyles on his relationship with Peter, Olivia, and Walter. It was a long time ago, Broyles says.

At the lab, Walter and Peter are playing around with a rigged up rocket-launcher, firing it at Astrid, who is trying to work. Etta and Olivia are still trying to plan a way through the checkpoint when Olivia sees Etta's necklace. Recognizing the bullet, she asks where Etta got it. She wanted something to remember them by, so she found it in their old house when she was 13. Etta doesn't know what it is, but figured it must be important if Olivia kept it. It's “The Bullet That Saved The World". That's what Peter always called it, anyway Olivia tells her. If you'll remember, it's the bullet that Walter fired into Olivia's brain to stop William Bell's plan of world domination. Suddenly, Etta gets a message that the Observers are on their way. Broyles and Capt. Windmark are watching remotely, only to find the lab empty and Ambered once again. The Capt. is not pleased. He pulls up a hologram of Etta, astonished that she has somehow managed to hide her thoughts from them. He wonders if others can do this as well. Hmm, I wonder.

As the Loyalists exit the lab, Astrid emerges from the ductwork having only barely re-Ambered the lab before they arrived. Walter drives up at the checkpoint into Manhattan, playing a helpless old man. Sadly, the Observers do not have time for helpless old guys, and he is given an electroshock. Walter responds by spraying the Observer and the Loyalist guard with that toxin that causes all the skin to overgrow. It covers the mouth, nose, and eyes of the victim, suffocating them. They drive through the gate and make it to the abandoned subway platform. Etta and Olivia remain in the car using Walter's new rocket-launcher toy to launch canisters of the gas at the guards outside as they all make their escape. What they found are some physics equations that even Walter doesn't understand. This is obviously very frustrating for him. As they are preparing to head back to the lab, Etta stops them. A car drives up and she explains that someone wants to see them. Of course, it's Broyles! You knew he couldn't be a bad guy, didn't you? He met Etta for the first time five years ago. He knew who she was right away and had her transferred to his section. Amazingly, it was Etta who recruited him to the Resistance and taught him to block his thoughts. Poor Broyles, all alone for so long without his team.

As Broyles is showing them all the weapon goodies he brought for them, he looks up to see an Observer standing across from them. One of the Loyalist guards managed to put a tracker on the car before he died. Suddenly they are surrounded by Observers. Etta gives the equations to Broyles, telling him to protect the plan at all costs. An ugly sense of forebodibg arises. The team flees on foot as Broyles drives away. The Observers pursue the Fringe team into some warehouses. Etta is one bad ass little girl. She takes down Observer after Observer telling Walter to run. Suddenly, Capt Windmark appears behind her, knocking her to the ground. He looks into her mind and sees her as a little girl, finally realizing that "love" is why Peter bought her the necklace. He has finally found the little blonde girl.

He celebrates by shooting her in the chest.

He watches as she collapses clutching her necklace before walking away to continue the search for the Bishops. On the other side of the warehouse, Peter and Olivia have found Walter when they hear the gun shot. Instantly, Olivia knows, that Etta is in trouble and they race back toward the sound. They arrive as Etta arms one of the anti-matter bomb batons Broyles brought them. She gives Olivia back the bullet necklace as Olivia desperately tries to tell her one last time that she loved her. They must leave her she tells them, she will slow them down. The timer on the bomb ticks down. Outside, the Loyalists have failed to find the Bishops, when Capt. Windmark realizes that love will make them go back for her. But Etta is alone when they find her. Just Etta and the bomb, which explodes as Windmark crouches over her. Sadly, he teleports away and survives the blast. Outside Etta's family looks on. Olivia and Walter are the first to walk away, leaving Peter staring after his little girl, who has been lost once again.

The next episode of Fringe, An Origin Story, airs Friday, Nov. 2 at 9PM ET on Fox.