'Face Off' recap: 'Who's the New Who?'

The new Whos line up. Courtesy Syfy

Alana is sad ... Her friend Rod's sculpt was bad.
The judges sent him home ... This caused Alana to moan.
Will Alana prevail? ... Will her creation fail?
Will this challenge make our imaginations roam?

All right, that's enough of that...

The remaining six contestants on the Syfy show take a trip to Whoville in this new and colorful Face Off. While on the set of the Universal Studios backlot, McKenzie introduces them to award-winning producer and guest judge, Brian Grazer. The challenge tonight is to create a human/hybrid character based on one of the creatures in the classic Dr Seuss children's book, "Sleep Book." It's the 50th anniversary of the book. There is no immunity challenge tonight so everyone is on the chopping block.

The contestants select one of the book's characters and then start to work on getting inspiration from the book and sketching. Brian Grazer offers some advice by saying that you want to feel the reality and truth of the actor. The make-up needs to be seamless and the humanity needs to shine through. No sweat, right?

The following characters are chosen: Nicole (Bumble Tub); Alana (Offt); Roy (Foona Lagoona Baboona); Laura (Chippendale Mupp); Derek (Snorter McPhail); and, Sarah (Hinkle Horn Honker). Alana immediately regrets her choice when she gets a look at her character in the book. It's a big puff ball. This sets the whiney Alana tone for the night. She's pretty much a hot mess for the rest of the episode.

Day one

Models are chosen, sculpting begins, confidence soars or crashes. Laura chooses to do a mash-up of a Dr. Seuss and Dr. Moreau character. Derek works on humanizing his character and Roy tries to de-Grinch his sculpt. Alana cries.

Day two

They have 10 hours for the Molding Phase of the challenge. Nicole is determined to be on top. Does she make it? Roy sculpts a huge and heavy body piece and Alana is still lost as to what to do. Ve Neill does her walk-through and offers advice. She recommends that Roy use foam to eliminate heaviness and cautions Nicole against using fun fur. Nicole doesn't listen and uses the cheap-looking fuzz. Does it work? Yep. Lots of yellow is being used but hey, the Doctor was a color-loving dude! Derek finishes early and is bored. Oh Derek, it's never a good thing when a guy finishes early!

Day three

The four-hour Application Phase and one-hour Last Looks brings the characters to life and this week brought some really cool Seussian creatures to life. The looks really came together (except for Alana's Offt) and even Nicole was able to salvage her chicken-esque character.

The judges got to take a look at the contestant's hard work and talk to them about their creations. They loved Nicole's Bumble Tub with the fab hair and even Glenn liked what she did with the fun fur. Roy's ape-like Foona Lagoona Baboona showed great movement which allowed expression and showed extreme ambition. Laura's showed cool fake-sculpt features and good body dimensions, despite alien-like ears. The winner was newly reinstated, Nicole, because she embraced the aesthetic of the character and met the rules of the challenge.

The bottom looks tonight were Sarah's Beetlejuician look; Derek's oddly proportioned Snorter McPhail (McFail?); and, Alana's morbid failure. They liked that Alana admitted her mistakes and that she wished she had a do-over. Unfortunately though, Alana was eliminated for her inability to settle on a concept. Ve asked her to stay in touch and this helped her feel a bit better. Like the others eliminated, she was grateful for the experience and grew leaps and bounds.

Did you like the challenge tonight?
Did you think the judges got it right?
Did you like the creatures?
Did you like their features?

Okay, I'll stop now. Watch next Tueday night's episode on Syfy, 9 p.m. ET. They'll be creating a Cyborg character, so that's pretty cool, right?