'Ghostbusters 3' going full streams ahead

Courtesy Universal
Production of a third installment of the beloved paranormal hit - that no doubt launched the ghost hunting craze we're familiar with today - is coming to fruition. Ghostbusters and even Ghostbusters II, were box office successes, and fans have been hoping for a third for many years. Bill Murray has been blamed for the stalling due to lack of interest but he has hinted that his involvement is "a possibility."

According to ScreenRant.com, "Ghostbusters 3 at last began to show some genuine signs of (after)life again three months ago when Etan Cohen (Men in Black III) struck a deal to rework the script. Later, [Dan] Aykroyd reiterated his previous claims that Murray is passing on the film and voiced confidence that production will get underway sometime over the next year." Also according to the site, Ivan Reitman will be directing.

Do you think this film is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions or will it scare up a huge take at the box office? Will Venkman be back to get slimed? Will we ever get to see Dr. Spengler's spores, molds, and fungus collection? We hope to Gozer that the answer is YES!

-Larissa Mrykalo