Mystifying Ouija exhibit opens in Baltimore

The Ouija board (a.k.a. spirit board, witch board, talking board) is one of the most controversial and mysterious devices known to the paranormal world. It's a simple design in appearance, but is believed by some to open doors in this universe that are not meant to be open. Still others just look at it as a party game that was popularized during the Spiritualism craze.

Whatever your take, the Ouija board has obviously elicited much controversy and prompted some individuals to delve into it's rich history and make it a focus in their lives - but none more so than with our friend, Robert L. Murch, Jr.

"Murch", as he is most commonly known, has spent over 15 years studying the Ouija board and Ouija manufacturer William Fuld, and will be involved in a new exhibit at the The Baltimore Museum of Industry called "Let The Spirit Move You: Ouija, Baltimore’s Mystifying Oracle."

According to a press release, the exhibit - which runs through Jan. 27, 2013 - features the "most extensive public display of Ouija boards in history, and highlights the rich history of the talking board in America, including their birth in Maryland and explosion in popularity under the guidance of entrepreneur William Fuld in Baltimore." Items on display include boards and memorabilia from the private collections of some of the world's most renowned researchers and collectors.

Additionally, the museum will host a reception to celebrate the exhibit on Thursday, Oct. 25 at 6 p.m. Refreshments will be served and presentations will follow. Tickets are available now and are priced $10 for museum members and $12 for non-members.

For the event, Murch will "will take the audience on a journey through the Ouija board's 122 year history and explore how the Mystifying Oracle has captivated a nation, inspiring both fear and wonder as a pop icon to some, and portal to the beyond for others."

Other attending researchers and collectors include; Andrew Vespia, Mike Buchner, Calvin Von Crush, Tim Gross, Janet Mattei-Romano Curran, and curator Gene Orlando. There will also be members of the Fuld family in attendance, including Kathy Fuld—granddaughter of William Fuld, and Stuart Fuld—grandson of Isaac Fuld.

- Larissa Mrykalo