'Grimm' recap: 'Over My Dead Body'

Courtesy NBC

Opening quote:
 "Whilst he thus gazed before him, he saw a snake creep out of a corner of the vault and approach the dead body."

Apparently it's date night on Grimm this week! An expensive looking blonde with too much lipstick exits a charter plane and calls our dear Capt. Renard. Snooty flirting ensues. Nick arrives home to Juliette cooking dinner for him. Juliette has finally decided to stop being so uppity and says, "I may never remember who you were, but I'd like to get to know who you are." Aww, so sweet! Meanwhile, Monroe is looking quite dapper in his little bowtie as he makes dinner for Rosalee.

And finally, we get to Angelina. You remember Angelina, Monroe's old homicidal girlfriend don't you? Well, she is in a honky tonk dancing with a Paul Walker look-a-like. Turns out he expects a little more than dancing as payment for the three beers and chicken fingers he bought her. When Angelina turns him down, he gets a little pushy. Wrong move boyo! He's dead now. Unfortunately, Angelina inherits his “job” since she's so good at killing folks. Turns out she has to kill somebody for a Konigschlange (a cobra-esque Wesen). I'm just going to call him Snake Dude.

This prompts everyone's night to take an abrupt downward turn. Everyone except Capt. Renard. Take a look at how his night went in this deleted scene. Rawr!

Angelina bursts into Monroe's house interrupting the adorableness of Monrosalee's romantic dinner. Rosalee, not liking Angelina's jealous, angry vibe leaves them alone. Turns out that Monroe is the guy Snake Dude wants her to kill. Monroe! Who would want to hurt Monroe? Neither of them have a clue, so Monroe calls Nick for help. Monroe calls Nick for help. That's a change! Well, this ends Nick's sort of romantic dinner with Juliette just when things were going so well. Poor Nick, he may never get to stop sleeping on that couch.

When Nick finds out Angelina is involved things get a little tense. It's a tough sell, but Monroe gets them to run up the white flag and call a truce. But they have to hide Monroe somewhere while Nick figures out who wants Monroe dead. A-Ha! Let's stash him with Hank. Hank is a little perturbed by this, but agrees. He then spends the night getting Monroe to show him his Blutbad face. Fun!

While Hank and Monroe are bonding, Nick and Angelina head back to the bar looking for clues. Their sleuthing reveals that Snake Dude is just the go between. He is working for someone higher up the food chain who wants Monroe killed as a lesson to all Wesen. What's the lesson, you ask? The lesson, my friends, is don't be friends with a Grimm. Oops. So, it is Nick's fault after all. Hmm. Turns out, the only way to fake Monroe's death with a Konigschlange around is to really kill him. A Dead Faint potion will allow them to bring him back ... if he's lucky. Rosalee does not like this plan, but Monroe gets his way and she tells him how to make it.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine," he says as a single little tear slides down his face. With Monroe "dead," the Grimm Gang heads off to the woods to meet Snake Dude. He does his snakey thing and confirms Monroe is dead to the client, who then drives up. Guess who? It's Renard's Expensive Blonde. As they turn to leave Monroe's time has run out and Angelina jumps on his "corpse" to do some CPR. This seems somewhat odd to the onlookers, who pull out guns. The blonde gets away, but Nick and company take care of the rest. Unfortunately, Angelina was shot during the fight. She dies while Monroe holds her. I may have teared up a little. Poor Angelina. She may not have understood Monroe's reformed Blutbad thing, but she loved him.

So what happened to the blonde? Luckily, Renard was suspicious of her all along and was having her watched. He's not a trusting soul, especially where other Royals are concerned. Anyway, Renard catches her at the airport trying to get away. I wonder what she had to say for herself.

Next week sees the return of Adalind the Hexenbiest, and possibly Juliette's memory! The next episode of Grimm is "The Bottle Imp" on Friday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. ET.