'Haven' recap: 'The Farmer'

Courtesy Syfy

From last week's "Next week on Haven ..." teaser, I was expecting an invisible killer who took out his victims from within; a Freddy Krueger-esque style murderer, if you will. But, as I think we've all come to know and love from this show, you can never "expect" anything.

The Trouble

The episode opens on a wooded jogging trail, and one runner who exercises like I do, by standing in place while everyone else whisks by her. We learn that she's a blushing bride-to-be, anxious to get to the caterer and held up by a fiancee with a tiny bladder. Eventually, she heads off into the woods to find her beloved face-down on the ground, dead as a doornail, with his lungs now outside of his body. I guess she doesn't need to worry about fitting in that dress anymore.

Nathan and Audrey arrive on the scene, and the coroner shows that there's no incision for the lungs to have been removed. Blood around the mouth indicates they may have been removed orally, and I have just lost the desire to eat anything else tonight, thank you. While Nathan and Audrey search the woods for more evidence, a strange man in a dashing hat takes a cellphone picture of the crime scene. I'm just going to hope it's for some nefarious purpose and not because he likes to look at pictures of organs. Somehow, that makes me feel better. Back at the station, the coroner's full report shows that the lungs on the ground were diseased, barely functional, and did not belong to our dear departed groom, Greg. Ladies and gentlemen, we have our trouble! We just don't know exactly what it is, yet! Nathan steps into an interrogation room to question the bride, and she tells him that she's already told everything she knows to the "other guy", and doesn't want to go through it all again. Nathan, much like the rest of us, asks, "What other guy?"

Sherri, the bride, tells Nathan that the man's name was Tommy, and Nathan asks another officer to get a detailed description. The officer complies, but first tells Nathan there's been another attack. Nathan and Audrey head to a very pretty house (they're all pretty in Haven, aren't they?) to find another body, more organs, and the man with the hat...whom Nathan quickly throws against a wall and frisks. Turns out, the man with the hat, or Tommy, is actually Thomas Bowen of the Boston Police Department. Tommy's tracked a killer with the same M.O. from Massachusetts to Maine, and now to this house, where a man has just had his kidneys pulled out of his mouth. Suddenly, footsteps are heard from the next floor. Thinking it's their perp, Nathan, Audrey, and Tommy run upstairs to find, instead, a very scared young lady named Zoe. She had been attacked by the killer, and her brother rescued her, only to be killed himself. The officers take Zoe to the station for questioning, and Claire notices that Zoe seems to be in worse shape than they thought. She asks an officer and his visiting nephew to find a blanket for Zoe while she calls for an ambulance. Left alone, Zoe sits bolt upright, clearly not of her own will, and begins convulsing.

Tommy checked out with the Boston P.D. The original victim in his case was his own trainee, Paul. Witnesses described the killer as being a slender guy in an "East Haven Sea Dogs" jacket. Tommy found all the crime scenes by monitoring Haven P.D. dispatch, and wants to work with Nathan and Audrey as equal partners. Now, what I want to know is: since this case originated in Boston, do the troubles work outside of Haven?

While all this is going on, Zoe beats the living daylights out of visiting nephew, and tries to take his organs. Before she can succeed, Tommy rushes in and knocks her out cold, but both Zoe and visiting nephew end up in the hospital. It seems most likely that Zoe killed her brother, but she can't be the only killer because trainee Paul was killed by a man. Are there two killers sucking people's organs out of their mouths?

At the hospital, we find out that Zoe probably won't pull out of her coma because she's going into complete organ failure. Mark, the nephew who now has a name, isn't faring much better, as his kidneys are on their way out. We also find out that the diseased organs found at each scene came from the same person. Nathan, Audrey, and Claire discuss how the trouble might be that someone with failing organs needs to find someone else, preferably a close family member with matching organs, to act as a donor. If the victim dies, the troubled person gets the organs and goes about their merry way. Since troubles run in families, anyway, it would make sense that if the victim escapes, their own trouble would be triggered, sending them on the path to organ theft, themselves. Right? Simple? Moving on! Officer Stan (the uncle who now has a name) is asked if Mark and Zoe could be related. Stan says he has no idea, since his sister used a sperm donor. Tommy says that trainee Paul's dad was also a donor, and we have a link! Nathan, Audrey, and Tommy head over to Haven's Hope fertility clinic to dig up some dirt on a possible daddy.

At the clinic, the female doctor doesn't take too kindly to the comparisons made between her clinic and one in Cambridge, where the doctor swapped all the donor sperm for his own. She balks at the idea, considering she is, in fact, a woman, and not likely to have any sperm of her own (of course, this is Haven, so I rule out nothing). However, the officers point out that an employee could have made the switch, and send the lady doc and Tommy off to seize records. While those two are gone, Nathan and Audrey do a little speculating. What if they're right? How many babies could have been born? And how many of those babies could now have babies? How many killers could they be dealing with, and how can they stop the cycle?

Meanwhile, outside what looks like a high school, a pervy-looking guy stares at a notebook with baby pictures, senior portraits, and correlating dates. We then see his gaze turn toward a lovely teenage girl talking with friends. The girl is the same baby and senior in the notebook. Something tells me that the pervy guy just might be daddy.

Back at the station, Nathan and Audrey confirm that the vics are all from the same clinic. Their theory is that the attackers must have an internal tube that sucks in the healthy organs and spits out the diseased ones. Tommy overhears the two talking, and is not happy that they're into all this silly, supernatural stuff, so Nathan takes him aside to fill him in on the troubles. Tommy doesn't believe in them, but he believes that Nathan and Audrey believe in them. Duke shows up at Audrey's request, and the two begin tracking down all of the babies born in the clinic's history. On their third house, they show up just in time to see the pervy guy ask the teenager, Miriam, if he can borrow her phone, and then attempt to attack her. Miriam was on the list, the Sea Dogs jacket is clearly visible, and Audrey opens fire on the pervy guy as he runs away. Miriam escapes, but only to have her own trouble kick in. Her organs are failing. Audrey calls Nathan with a plate number, which traces to Harry Nicks, who worked at the clinic up until six years ago. Duke and Audrey high-tail it to Harry's house, but find it empty. Audrey finds a forgotten photo that she plans to use to for the APB. It shows Harry as a family man with a wife and several children. Up the road, Harry's wife, Margie, things they're on vacation, and worries for his health. Harry says he's fine, but then pulls his son, Connor, out of the van for a "pit stop". Um...isn't his wife going to notice when her children start disappearing?

So, Harry's immediate family disappeared in 1983. I guess they all stole each others' organs. Tommy wants to call in the feds, but Nathan and Audrey say no, they wouldn't know how to deal with this particular case. Audrey doesn't think he'll go for the kids unless he has to, so they split up to look for Harry, starting with the nearest offspring.

In the woods, Harry tells Connor that his dad once tried to hurt him, and it changed him. He then apologizes for missing Connor's last game, and tries to eat his organs. Duke and Audrey run into the van with Margie and the other kids, and Duke notices that one kid is missing. Margie tells them that Connor and Harry are in the woods, and all four cops (Tommy and Nathan magically appear!) stop Harry from killing Connor. Tommy even gets to see the trouble in action! Audrey tells Nathan that he and Tommy need to leave with Connor; all she needs now is Duke. She wants Duke to kill Harry to stop the cycle of the trouble. Harry is going to die anyway, but Duke can kill his curse before he goes. This really angers Duke. This wasn't her decision to make and he doesn't want to be a monster! She tells him to walk away, and she'll deal with it.

In the morgue, we see several dead bodies, with even more in an off-screen room. These are all Harry's victims. When Nathan and Tommy searched for offspring, this is what they found. Audrey receives a phone call stating that Mark, Zoe, Connor, and Miriam have all fully recovered. She knows that Duke must have returned to kill Harry. Duke later confirms that he did, and that he also got Harry's blood on him. He seems different, blood-thirsty, and downright scary.

The Colorado Kid

One body in the morgue is missing a nose, but not any internal organs. She was also killed by a bolt gun to the head, just like Rosalind was. This girl was killed by the mystery man who took Audrey. Audrey also takes the episode to break up with Nathan. She tells him that she doesn't need him to protect her, and he walks away. Later, she tells Claire that she purposely pushed Nathan away because she's actually trying to protect him. Lucy loved the Colorado Kid and it cost him everything. She doesn't want the same to happen to Nathan if she disappears. Also, both Nathan and Duke tell Audrey that she needs to fight her fate and try not to vanish with the meteor shower. This makes me wonder if it's possible for her to stick around after "the hunter" comes through. Does she have control over this, and if so, why didn't Lucy or Sarah?

The Gossip

At the end of the episode, Tommy politely took his leave of the Haven P.D., but not before Nathan told him to come back and help out any time he wanted. Oh, and please don't mention the troubles to anyone, okay? Well, later that night, someone broke into Tommy's hotel room. Next thing you know, Tommy's out in the middle of the woods somewhere, talking in a put-on voice on a cellphone to someone unknown. There was a hit on Tommy, and Tommy killed the hitman! Now, he's burying the body and planning to take a job on the Haven Police force. What? What is going on, and who was Tommy talking to? What are you doing to me, show?!

Next Week: Haven gets its first serial killer ... you know, if you don't count the serial killer they had this week.