Horror Pop Culture Sept. 24-28

Editor's Note: Horror Pop Culture is a weekly round-up of horror genre news, reviews and rumors

New Aussie Neo-Giallo Thriller Sororal
When I first saw the word 'Neo-Giallo,' I immediately thought of Akira. But this isn’t the case. I’m a huge fan of Italian Giallo films, so when I saw that word along with this poster, it had my full attention.

Cassie is tormented by visions of murder. Terrifying images flood her dreams and attack her waking hours. Her dreams are her curse and keep her isolated from the everyday world. Cassie's life is thrown into disarray when a mysterious detective comes to her with a bombshell: He tells her that her visions are depictions of real murders, murders that she couldn’t possibly have seen. Cassie’s pain now has a face, and she must stop the killing at all costs. The twisted, childlike killer targets Cassie’s loved ones, and the race is on to stop her. Cassie is thrown together with her former lover as they scramble towards a shocking revelation that will change everything.
Who else is excited? Sounds very Argento-style. Looking forward to seeing this one! More news as it
comes… (via Dread Central)

Danielle Radcliffe: Hunchback in Frankenstein?
From wizards to hunchbacks, seems like Harry Potter himself, Danielle Radcliffe, wants to portray Hunchback in the Max Landis (ChronicleFrankenstein movie. This is the same telling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein novel, but with more of a science fiction twist to it and according to sources, Hunchback is described as "pathologically dirty and dressed in old clowns clothing." Hmm ... can’t go wrong with that. The script is supposedly going through a finalization and is being produced by Fox. We’ll be keeping a close eye on it here at PPC. (via Dread Central)

Hypothermia Clip Will Give You the Chills
Rather than try to tell you all about this flick, how about you check out this clip from Dark Sky Films' cool
new monster movie Hypothermia, starring Michael Rooker!

New Paranormal Activity 4 trailer Excited and can’t get enough Paranormal Activity? Me neither, but new trailer has debuted online of the mega-successful franchise to quench our paranormal thirst. View it below, and watch it in theaters next month, Oct. 19.

Ghostbusters 3 now a reboot?
For the past few years, we have all been hearing about Ghostbusters 3. Like most people, I stopped listening to the news about it being on then off and Bill Murray being attached to the project then not attached every other week, but this week it sounds like Ivan Reitman is also growing tired of trying to get the sequel off the ground and may be opting for a reboot instead. He recently told Collider, "I think Ghostbusters probably should be remade, if we can get it all right. We’re working on it, so we’ll see." What do you think? I guess we will see how this one changes… again.