'The Walking Dead' recap: 'Sick'

One legged Hershel is on the move, courtesy AMC

We start this episode of The Walking Dead with Hershel bleeding out. I know; it’s completely surprising that a person would nearly bleed to death after you hack their leg off with an ax. I am still not convinced that chopping his leg off is going to make him not turn into a zombie.

The prisoners confront the gang, and I’m thinking that if they’re in prison, they’re probably not too terribly nice. They have been locked in the cafeteria for 292 or 294 days (depending on which guy you ask), and they have no idea about the gravity of the zombie apocalypse.

The thing that kills me about this show is that you still don’t really know how or why the outbreak happened. Rick does know that everyone carries the virus, and he tells the guys that tidbit. I think it is idiotic that Rick told the prisoners how to kill the zombies when clearly those guys are psychotic.

The tattooed prisoner Tomas is awfully nosy with his million questions. I am not entirely sure why Daryl didn’t just go ahead and kill the guy with his marvelous crossbow. Of course, you find out that the guy is a total nutjob and is trying to get Rick and the gang killed. He enjoyed killing that Big Tiny entirely too much.


So his leg is hacked off and they can’t deal with the threat of him possibly reanimating, so they had to chain him up to the bunk. I feel bad for Glenn. I feel worse for Maggie, who is a negative little Nelly. I, of course, feel the worst for one-legged Hershel.

It’s nerve-wracking to sit around and wait for him to turn into a zombie. I just want to throw it out there that it’s not a good idea to give a person that was attacked by a zombie mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Lori is an idiot.


So, there’s no doubt that he’s a little shit, but at least he’s stepping up to the plate and doing things for the group. He broke away from the group and gathered some supplies for the aforementioned ailing Hershel. Lori is displeased, but then again, when isn’t Lori displeased?

He happens to also be the only one that was ready to shoot Hershel in the head when it seemed like he was going to reanimate. Then again, he didn’t die, so he’s not turning into a zombie ... yet. Maybe never.


So, she has this grand idea to practice doing a C-section on a walker, so that she will be able to deliver Lori’s baby. I am not quite sure that A) this is a good idea, B) gutting a walker would be like working on human flesh, or C) that she may not infect herself by doing that. Also, zombie panties are disgusting.

And who was the Peeping Tom watching her do her zombie surgery?


I was wondering this whole time why Rick would allow these prisoners to bully him around. Tomas, the greasy one with the long hair and tattoos (I didn’t catch all of their names, but then again, it could be because they weren’t throwing them out), along with the other jailbirds were trying to set Rick and the guys up to get attacked by zombies.

There are times when people piss you off, and you just have to stick a machete in their skull. So long Tomas, we hardly knew ye - but we hated you anyhow. Also, Rick turned pretty cold-blooded by locking that one guy in the yard with the zombies. Someone is borrowing from old Shane's playbook, eh? But he did keep his word to the surviving inmates and give them their own cell block.

I am not sure if any of you guys noticed, but the prisoners had more of a speaking role in this episode than T-Dog and Glenn combined. Although T-Dog is getting some kick ass moments this season.

Sinking My Teeth In:

  • Carl’s hair has grown to hippie lengths and somehow Rick still has a perfectly trimmed beard.
  • Daryl's shorthand with Rick is pretty sweet; they are like brothers.
  • Those prisoners were very blood thirsty. And I have to mention one more time that Rick is an idiot for not immediately killing those sketchy guys.
  • I am absolutely loving the gore that season three has provided me.
  • It’s scary to go to bed by yourself after you’ve watched all of these zombies.
  • Sadly, Michonne was absent from this episode. I can’t wait until all of these people meet, and there is a huge clash of all these different personalities.
  • Why does Lori always whine about her relationship with Rick? He just got through killing a non-zombie, not to mention the fact that she banged his best friend and is possibly carrying his child.
  • The hashtag #oneleggedhershel is hilarious. Follow me on Twitter.
The next episode of The Walking Dead, "Walk With Me" introduces the Governor, and gives Michonne and Andrea time to shine. It airs Oct. 28, 9 p.m. ET.