'666 Park Avenue' recap: 'Diabolic'

Courtesy ABC

On 666 Park Avenue, it’s the day after the big Halloween party and tensions are running high at the Drake. Jane was chased through the building by an axe-wielding ghost, so naturally, she’s going to be a bit on edge. The show begins with an homage to the Psycho shower scene but luckily, it’s just a dream.

Jane and Henry

The rest of the episode is Jane trying to prove that she is not crazy and that the Drake is causing her to see things. The detectives investigating the wild Halloween happenings can’t piece together Jane’s story. Luckily for Jane, the one detective had some paranormal experiences revolving around his grandfather’s death. He may offer some much needed comfort and help.

Henry struggles with his political career and his relationship with Jane. She wants to move back to Indiana where things are "simpler." Henry is being courted by media consultant, Laurel. Gavin has to be behind this! When Henry finds the article about Peter Kramer from 1929, he further questions Jane’s sanity. He wants her to see a professional because of a family history of mental illness. Grandma was institutionalized ... oh, and grandma was Jocelyn Kramer! Dun, dun, dun...

Gavin and Olivia

Gavin is hellbent on getting that mysterious red box back and will stop at nothing to retrieve it and find out who is behind the theft and Olivia’s near accident and poisoning by chloroform. He even hires Tony, the bellboy to help him out like he has in the past ... hmmm.

His trusty associate, Sam, was apparently the snitch who doled out the info to a nasty dude named Victor Shaw. Victor is pretty brazen and even approaches Olivia during a fancy lunch she is having with Jane. He warns Olivia of Gavin’s evil and urges her to get away from him. Olivia starts to question things when she heeds Shaw’s warning and gets a second opinion on her blood work and discovers that he has lied about the original report.

Sam gets his punishment by being trapped in a bizarro Shining-esque hallway-time warp situation. When Gavin finds the distraught Sam trying to hang himself, he falsely rescues him and Sam ends up being Se7en-ed, Gwyneth Paltrow-style, and given to Victor as a "payment."

So this box - it’s pretty bad. The guy who stole it originally, and was going to get a pretty penny for its delivery, did not heed warnings to keep the box shut. He’s dead ... we think. It eventually ends up with Shaw and in a final scene, it sounds like someone is in there breathing? What? Earlier in the episode, we heard a story about who a horrible man that Gavin rescued Olivia from in the past. Is it him? What’s with this show and enclosing bad guys in small containers? I guess we’ll see soon!

Dr. Evans

The day after Halloween, Gavin enlists Dr. Scott Evans to examine Olivia and do some blood work to see what caused her fainting spell at the party. Gavin also has ulterior motives. Shocking, right? He "hires" Dr. Evans as the Drake’s go to doctor and even says for him to not worry about his shortage in the rent. Oh, and here’s $50 thousand to pay off your medical school loans. Scott is an ER doc and saves lives, damn it! He shouldn’t have debt!

It turns out Scotty likes the ponies! He gambles the money Gavin gives him and at one point, starts to bleed. It’s pretty gruesome and is kinda like the scene in The Exorcist where "Help Me" is written on the little girl’s torso. This time though, it’s $50,000 carved into his chest and there’s blood. Regardless, it’s another classic horror reference and Gavin is pissed - again.

Since Gavin is seeking revenge on this Victor Shaw dude, he turns to a really bad-ass hit-man - Kandinsky. Only he is in jail so how is this going to work? Apparently Kandinsky feigns an illness and ends up being taken to the ER where Scott works. Perfect! To make up for blowing the $50 on the horses, Scott could help Gavin get Kandinsky back out there to do his dirty work.


Things are getting pretty intricate here in the Doran lair. Stories are becoming more and more intertwined and evil. Did you catch all the horror movie homages that were sprinkled throughout the episode? What is in that box? Who are Gavin Doran and Victor Shaw? Fallen angels? Demons? Will Jane end up in the American Horror Story: Asylum? Keep watching and find out!

"Downward Spiral" is the all-new episode next Sunday, Nov. 11 at 10 p.m. ET, on ABC.