Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman lives it up on 'Robot Chicken'

Courtest Cartoon Network
If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, you're going to want to mark your calendars for Sunday, Nov. 18. Sure, that's the usual night for the hit AMC series to air but it will also be the "acting" debut of the creator Robert Kirkman on Seth Green's Adult Swim stop-motion animation series, Robot Chicken.

You know you've hit the big time when you're featured in one of the show's typically irreverent and occasionally naughty comedy sketches, but Kirkman is pretty humble about his appearance.

He told E! Online, "I know that I come out during some sort of argument and I try to talk about zombies for a little bit, but then I am swiftly eaten and devoured by a bunch of zombies. It's not the biggest role and I don't expect to be winning an Emmy anytime soon. But hopefully it will be memorable enough to have a lasting effect in the Robot universe."

Even though he did his own screaming for the role, don't look for him any time soon on an episode of The Walking Dead. Kirkman expresses no interest in making an appearance and finds cameos to be "extremely self-serving."

-Larissa Mrykalo