'Walking Dead' recap: 'Killer Within'

Taking a bite out of T-Dog. Courtesy AMC

I am going to go ahead and apologize that I have not broken this episode up by the
characters like I usually do. There was entirely too much going on with a lot of skipping around. I can easily say that short of the episode where Rick killed Shane, this was the best episode yet.

So the zombies will eat animals if you leave them out for them, and who left that heart
out there? It’s only five seconds in, and I demand answers!

The group is in good spirits, so you just know that something bad is going to happen.

Oh, where are Glenn and Maggie? Duh, I knew that they must be banging when they couldn’t find them. So, when are Daryl and Carol knocking the boots?

Hark, is that T-Dog? He speaks! Wait, no it’s just to give an opportunity for the inmates to speak. The group holds court to figure out whether they’re going to let the inmates live along with them or not. T-Dog has a good point about the guys being less lethal than them. Rick is not cool with them staying in the same block as them.

What is Rick cool with these days?

If I hear Rick say, "Blood on your hands" one more time, I think I am going to make a drinking game out of it. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Every time the governor is creepy take a shot. Every time Michonne scowls take two shots. Every time Lori whines take three shots. You get the idea. Boom, you’re drunk.

Who left the fence open? Oh yeah, it was our zombie-food convict that Rick threw into the yard two weeks back. It turns out he now have a plan for revenge that involves setting off alarms and letting the dead in.

Why won’t a walker eat Lori already? She looks like good eating, you know with Shane’s baby inside of her in all.


I really thought T-Dog was starting to make some progress, but then out of nowhere he gets bitten. Damn you, Glen Mazzara. Why do you have to go and kill one of the major and original characters? I’m livid.

I like the way Merle is trying to play Andrea against the rest of the group. He gets her help to find his way back to the farmhouse to locate Daryl. The Governor doesn’t want Merle to leave (shocking) until he gets more intel.

Andrea and Michonne are trying to figure out a way of Woodbury AKA Post-Apocalyptic Pleasantville. Michonne is more skeptical of The Governor than Andrea.

There’s no way that Lori would be a drag during the midst of a crisis. Oh, wait, yes there is. No one’s paying me any attention, so I am going to go into labor. Let’s get hippy Carl to deliver the baby. I am pretty sure he’s like Doogie Howser by now.

I got queasy when I saw Maggie remove Lori’s pants to help deliver her baby.

So we cut to Carol and T-Dog. Remember he has been bitten on the shoulder so unless they cut half of his upper body off like a side of beef, there’s no way they can pull the old Hershel trick to save T-Dog. T-Dog sacrifices himself to save Carol. I will always love you, Theodore Roosevelt.

RIP T-Dog:

  • This is a tribute to T-Dog. We will always remember you.
  • Your fight with Merle that ultimately resulted in his bayonet arm.
  • The horrible gash that you got on your arm while trying to hide from the walkers in season two which made you hallucinate.
  • Your ultimate sacrifice to save Carol’s life.
  • That nasty neck wound that was your demise.

Goodbye,T-Dog, gone, but not forgotten.

Hey, Andrea, how does that roofie taste? Wait, no roofie? I am disappointed in your lack of giving the old college try, Governor.

So much is going on right now that my ADD is really kicking in. I am reeling from the death of T-Dog and Lori is bleeding from her coochie profusely and ruining Carl’s chance of ever having a healthy sex life. Not that Carl will have anyone to have sex in 10 years unless you count Maggie’s sister.

Maybe there was a roofie in Andrea’s drink after all.

Sheesh, there’s Lori again. Carl is ruined, Lori! Let’s eat Shane’s baby! The baby doesn’t look like Shane, but maybe we should give it a couple of episodes. Wait, Lori is dead?

Carl just had to shoot her in the head? What is going on here? Sensory overload!! So. Many. Dead. People.

This episode is why people have to use Propecia.

Sinking My Teeth In:
• Let me reiterate that this is the single best episode of The Walking Dead that I have ever seen.
• It was also the goriest. Maybe that’s not a coincidence.
• Maybe I am grasping for straws here, but maybe Lori isn’t dead. I thought about it for a while, and it didn't show Lori dying or Carl actually shooting her.
• If she is dead, though, are we going to see Lori and T-Dog zombies? Again, we don’t know that Carl really shot Lori.

From the previews it looks like Rick is going rogue. Anyone else dig Hershel’s ponytail? When is Maggie getting knocked up? When is Merle finally going to meet up with Daryl? Where is Carol?

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