'666 Park Avenue' recap: 'Downward Spiral'

Courtesy ABC

This week’s episode of 666 Park Avenue begins in the Drake back in 1998. A pregnant woman named Melanie is visiting her mom (who apparently is Gavin Doran’s favorite resident). Her mom, who turns out to be Nona’s currently catatonic grandma Lottie Clark, warns her daughter to get the hell out of there and not to come back until her daughter is born. As Melanie tries to leave, her elevator breaks down and she goes into labor. A theme for tonight is "Children of the Drake" and since Nona was born there, she is a permanent resident.

We don’t know why Lottie is wheelchair-bound and mute, but we’re certain that Gavin had something to do with it. Back in the present, Lottie manages to wander out into the hallway and when Nona confronts her grandma, she speaks and tells Nona, “Don’t let Jane leave.” Jane just wants to know why a minor is caring for an elderly woman.

Lottie doesn’t say why, but we later learn, through a weird Nona-infiltrated dream of Jane’s and then a pic of Jane as an 8-year-old girl, that Jane is also a child of the Drake. She has no recollection of ever coming to NYC at that age, let alone how her picture was taken in the lobby of the Drake. Mysteries start to unravel ...

Henry and Jane

Henry is on a fast-track to a big political career, especially since the Mayor honored him with the commendation of a bronze medallion for preventing his boss’s murder by Kandinsky. He doesn’t want to leave NYC but Jane is terrified, and doesn’t feel safe at the Drake. She is determined to move back to Indiana.

Olivia tries to convince her to not run away from her fear, especially when opportunity is starting to knock. Gavin persuades Henry to propose marriage to Jane to keep her in NYC because he sincerely believes in marriage and keeping your woman happy. Henry agrees and he and Olivia go ring shopping. He gets a pretty amazing deal too! Why, oh why, are the Doran’s doing everything possible to keep Henry and Jane around?

At a fancy symphony event, Jane pledges her undying love. She decides that she wants to stay with Henry in NY because he certainly doesn’t seem like he wants to give up all this fabulousness. They decide to leave the event early and head home. This proposal is going to be so romantic! Their apartment has even been lit up with candles, a roaring fire and strewn with rose petals, by whom though. Too bad Nona wanted Jane to help her find her missing grandma. This puts a damper on Henry’s plan.

It turns out that grandma is in the eerie basement and ends up ripping Jane’s grandmother’s necklace off her neck. She proceeds to look through it, indicating it’s the missing eye of the dragon mosaic in the floor. When Jane places the pendant in the eye of the dragon, tiles start to fall and the floor opens to reveal an elaborate spiral staircase. Jane decides to head down. Big mistake. The floor seals Jane in the ground and all the candles in their apartment blow out. It would have been cool to hear the Drake let out a big burp.

Brian and ...Alexis

Brian and his wife, Louise are on the outs because of that incriminating text that Alexis sent. He has been staying with a friend and stops back at his apartment to gather some things. Of course, seductress Alexis is there and lets him know that Lou is in Miami for a photo shoot and she is there to get and send her some things.

She is just always conveniently around and the next time Brian is in his apartment, she happens to be there...just to say good-bye. Commence the sexy time. We knew it would come to this.

Brian eventually runs into Dr. Evans in the lobby and confronts him about his affair with his wife. Evans denies it and said that his phone was stolen at that Halloween party and Alexis returned it to him. Brian realizes that Alexis was the culprit and spurns her later advances. He now wants to work things out with Lou. Good luck with that Brian. Oh, and Alexis is now a resident of the Drake. Perfect!

Olivia and Gavin

Speaking of Dr. Evans, he is helping Gavin with assisting Kandinsky’s escape. He owes Gavin for that hefty loan, remember? Evans sewed a knife into Kandinsky’s belly and the K-man eventually pulls it out (yuck) uses it to kill two hospital workers. Dr. Evans ain’t too pleased about being involved but hey, he used Gavin’s money for gambling so he owes him. Evans even takes a gun to the big event so he could kill Gavin and get away from him for good. Well, obviously, this doesn’t work!

Who is this Victor Shaw man and why does he want the red box so badly? Shaw confronts Olivia while she is with Henry at the jewelry store and tries to convince her that she should get away from Gavin and he could help. We begin to think she may want this when she starts to shave Gavin before the symphony event.

During the shave, Olivia reveals that Shaw will be at the event and that he wants her to get away from Gavin, but that she would never actually betray Gavin. They obviously devise a plan that involves Olivia poisoning Shaw with her toxic lip gloss. Olivia kisses Shaw, thus giving him the idea that she is on his side and wants to get away from Gavin. After the kiss, Shaw starts to convulse and Gavin instructs Dr. Evans (who is pointing a gun at him) to help Shaw. Gavin has sure dodged a lot of proverbial bullets!

On the way to the hospital, it turns out that Kandinsky is the ambulance driver and Gavin wants Evans to save Shaw so that he could be brought back to the Drake. He needs to know where his red box is and Shaw needs to be alive to give that info.


There is no new episode next week but in two weeks, we’ll hopefully get some more answers. Like, what the hell is in this red box? And, why is Jane so important to the Drake? Will she escape the its belly? Will Brian get Louise back...especially since he screwed her hot assistant and she never really cheated on him?

Tune in on Nov. 25 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC to find out.