'The Walking Dead' recap: 'Say the Word'

Daryl rocks a poncho for formula finding. Courtesy AMC

I agree with nerdy Milton that it probably isn’t a good use of resources to have a big party in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

The Governor

He has reached new heights of creepiness. They are really bringing the gore this season. One of my favorite scenes from this season is where the Governor is brushing zombie Penny’s hair. Penny, as we learned from family photos, is his daughter.

As we learn later in the episode, the Governor is a highly volatile and disturbed individual. I know that shocks you being that he killed an entire group of military guys, has heads floating in aquariums, and essentially holds an entire town captive.


Ricky-ticky-tavy! He is crazy with grief from Lori’s death and out on a rampage. Although it’s really not the zombies’ fault that Lori died, I guess he wants to take some revenge out of someone. If we want to point fingers of blame here, and we do, let’s just point our fingers at Shane, wait, Rick, wait LORI! Actually, here, it’s no one’s fault. Well, except for the baby which caused her to hemorrhage. I don’t mind pointing fingers at a baby.

Rick eventually kills his way to the boiler room where Lori met her demise. And I am not sure if I am just inferring this, or if this is what really happened, but he finds a big blood pool leading to a very bloated zombie. I think that Lori’s hair is hanging out of its mouth. The thing that confuses me is that there are no bones left. It literally must have devoured her entire skeleton. It did, in an act of zombie kindness, leave behind her necklace for Rick to find. Thanks, fat zombie! Oh, never mind, Rick just stuck the gun in your mouth and blew you to bits. I was worried for a minute there that he might actually dig Lori’s remains from the zombie’s stomach.

The only thing that rouses Rick from his stupor is a phone call. He picks it up - who is it?!?!


Since I am already talking about the little rugrat, I might as well mention that Daryl has really stepped up in the infant care department. Hershel let everyone know that if the baby didn’t get formula, that it would die. Well, that’s news to me. Babies have to eat?

Daryl and Maggie go scurry out and round up baby supplies at a vacated day care center. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I got really sad when I saw all the little hands on the walls. That didn’t stop me from hoping that the scratching noise in the closet was a zombie baby. It wasn’t. It was just a opossum - it’s what’s for dinner.

When they get back with the formula, they run through possible names for the baby. Unfortunately all of the baby’s possible namesakes are zombies now. RIP ... everyone. I think they settled on the name Lori, but Daryl did suggest Ass-Kicker. So, I am really not sure of the final decision.


She seems to be the only one that can see past the shiny, happy surface of The Governor to his more sinister, unsavory side. During the Woodbury daytime celebration, Michonne sneaks out to recover her katana. She finds this list of names - what do they mean? I don’t know, but gathering from the name Penny, I am thinking that this relates to the later mentioned experiments that Milton wants to run. Possible attempt to de-zombify people? It’s definitely something creepy.

She sneaks out when she hears Milton and The Governor walk in talking about the need for power and the experiments. She finds a pen of zombies, releases them, then kills them. I think that’s the only time I have ever seen her (attempt to) smile. Of course, she gets caught and is brought in front of The Governor. They have an altercation which seals her decision to leave Woodbury.

The problem is that she can’t convince Andrea’s cold-iced-drinks-and-warm-running-water-loving-self to leave the place. Bye, Andrea! Bye, creepy Merle! Bye, Governor! Michonne didn’t let the door hit her on the way out.


Since he’s on the "Research Team," he gets the task of going out and rounding up walkers with Milton. They dig them from a pre-dug zombie trap pit and remove their teeth. The purpose of which is to have them chained around the perimeter of a gladiator-style fight between Merle and Martinez.

Once at the "arena," Andrea, who is currently high on life, goes and gets the good seats with The Governor. Once she realizes what is going on, she becomes disgusted. Her concern is that those type of fights make the residents think that the zombies aren’t dangerous, plus it’s barbaric.

One thing is true, Merle is a creep.

Sinking My Teeth In

• Who do you guys think was on the phone? If I was a betting woman, and I am, I would bet that it’s Carol. I have been known to be wrong.
• Since Glenn is not fond of the prisoners, is there a possible rift there?
• Are Axel and Oscar going to turn out to be two decent dudes wrongfully accused, or are they going to turn out to be two scumbags?
Where is Carol?
• If/when Carol returns, how long before she bangs Daryl?

The next episode of The Walking Dead, Hounded, airs Nov. 18 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.