'Face Off Live' recap

Reunited Season 3 contestants. Courtesy Syfy

Despite the lack of a Ghost Hunters Live, the Syfy Network managed to make this Halloween interesting and entertaining. For one hour, Face Off host McKenzie Westmore not only looked stunning, but kept things moving and enjoyable until the shocking reveal. Laura and Nicole looked gorgeous and poised, and clean-shaven, cool, confident Derek looked like Andy Garcia's twin, not Eric's.

This season's winner was determined by the American viewer and more than one million votes were cast. Viewers were treated to some fun montages and even a sneak peek at season four (which looks even more epic than this season). We also got to see the eliminated contestants (sans Joe) and learned that Jason works for SNL, Rod's wrist is feeling much better, and Tommy moved to LA and is living with former contestants, Gage and Greg.

They also answered some viewer's questions, such as, "What was your favorite challenge?" Sarah answered the Kids challenge, Derek was partial to the Chinese Dragon, and Nicole loved the Cyborg challenge. The judges informed us of their inspirations: Glenn was inspired by Hellraiser's Cennobites. Neville was inspired by The Exorcist because of it's impact and how movie make-up could truly be influential. Wait …where's Ve Neill? She couldn't make it because she is on set of the Hunger Games sequel, Chasing Fire but offered luck to the remaining three. However, busy Patrick was able to join the fun and add his feedback.

In the end though, it was the colorful comeback-kid, Nicole, who took home the $100 thousand prize, Prius V, and the Make-Up Forever guest lecturer position. Were you shocked? I was. I thought Laura would take it. She was consistent and never even had a look in the bottom. Nicole did come back with a vengeance though and produced some amazing looks all while overcoming the pain of fibromyalgia.

So what do you think? Were you shocked? Let us know and meet us back here in January for the fourth season of Face Off!