'Haven' recap: 'Magic Hour, Part 1'

Dan mourns over his soon to return wife. Courtesy Syfy

This week on Haven cleared up a few questions - and created even more. Welcome to part one of the most mean-spirited episode of Pushing Daisies ever, where the Pie Maker starts charging for his resurrection services.

The Trouble

A little girl, Lizzie, lies dead on a kitchen table, while her very anxious parents watch for the sun to go down. They argue over whether to keep waiting for nightfall or call an ambulance. It was an accident, Dad says, as he finally snaps from the tension and grabs a phone to dial. Mom turns to stop him, and in the two seconds their gaze is not on their child's body, they hear a crash. When they look back at the table, a vase is broken, and Lizzie is gone. The terrified parents run to an open door, expecting to see ... what? An intruder? Someone running off with their broken daughter? There's a small voice. "Hi, Daddy," it says, and they look to find Lizzie, alive and smiling in a porch swing. I think we have our trouble.

The parents decide to take Lizzie to see a doctor, just in case, and on the way in discuss the "miracle". Someone called after the girl fell out of a tree and broke her neck. They told Mom and Dad to wait for sunset and they'd have their daughter back. As Mom is saying that she doesn't care how it happened, but is just glad that it did happen, an SUV comes out of nowhere and mows her down in the parking lot.

Nathan and Tommy arrive on scene and bag up a piece of the SUV's headlight to see if they can trace the vehicle. They notice Dad, Dan, becoming increasingly agitated by a cellphone call, and Tommy tails him to see if Dan had anything to do with his wife's death. Dan dropped his daughter off with her grandparents, withdrew a sizable amount of money from the bank, and stashed the cash in a locker in the town athletic center. Nathan tells Tommy to call again after Dan's next stop, and he'll meet them there. Dan's next stop is the morgue, where he's holding the coroner and two paramedics hostage. Nathan and Tommy stop Dan from hurting anyone, and as the sun sets, Mom wakes up and gets out of her body bag.

Back at the station, Tommy questions Dan about the cash. The money wasn't to put a hit out on Rica (Mom); it was ransom to bring her back. Tommy is concerned that the blackmailer will try again, but Dan explains about Lizzie and the phone call. Lizzie was a freebie, but everyone after, it seems, is going to cost him. During this conversation, Nathan learns that the vehicle involved is registered to the Carters, Dan's business partners.

Tommy and Nathan visit the Carters, and find Sophia crying over her husband's body. Why didn't it work? She paid them their money! It's past sundown, and Charlie's not supposed to stay dead. They promised when they killed him. Later, as the paramedics wheel off poor Charlie, the boys discuss the blackmail and a possible connection between the two families. Maybe a disgruntled employee?

The next morning, Sophia Carter makes coffee for the officers, and apologizes for how bad it is. The housekeeper, Moira, called in sick. She's not on any employee record because she gets paid in cash, under the table. She also works for Dan, Rica, and Lizzie. Meanwhile, we meet Moira and her paramedic sister, Noel. Moira is ready to leave town. Noel wants to stay with her boyfriend, and tells Moira she can have all the money. Noel just wants out. Moira, lovely human being that she is, tells Noel they're leaving and shoots the boyfriend point blank in the face. Noel falls apart and tells her sister she'll do whatever she wants, just let her touch his body. Noel lays her hands on him, and absorbs his wound, takes on his scar, and restores his life.

By the time the police show up, boyfriend is fine, and the sisters are long gone. The boys figure out that Moira is the brains and Noel is the brawn, as it were. They get a call that the sisters' family has a cabin, so the guys head off to search for them.

In their cabin, the sisters argue. Moira wants Noel to absorb more deaths. If she could absorb more deaths in a day, they could collect more ransom money. Noel knows that more than one death a day could kill her. Moira is bitter that little sister is still alive and their dad isn't. It's never explained, but you get the feeling Noel could have saved him had she not already saved the neighbor's cat that day. Moira seems sickened that Noel became a paramedic. All in all, Moira's a horrible, shrewish, evil person. Personally, I kind of want to punch her in the face. Poor Noel just feels guilty for existing. The next morning, Moira heads out to forage through the nearby cabins for food and supplies, and leaves Noel with a gun for protection.

Nathan calls Audrey as soon as she gets back from a trip to Colorado. He needs her to meet him at the cabins to look for Noel and Moira. Tommy and Nathan find Noel, who tells them all about her trouble and her sister's plan. Noel was supposed to have brought back Charlie Carter, but a last minute emergency call kept them. She's sorry. Moira is nowhere to be found.

The Colorado Kid

Audrey and Duke fly to Colorado to find James Cogan's mother. His father passed away years ago, but June is alive and in a nursing home. Unfortunately, she has Alzheimer's, and is very confused to see "Sarah" again. Why did she change her hair? She said she'd never come back. June becomes so disturbed that a nurse calls security. Duke tells Audrey they'll find another way. On the way out, he lifts a photo album off June's night table in what Audrey calls, "the sweetest form of thievery". They look through the photos and see that James married in 1983. His wife's name was Arla. But, Lucy loved the Colorado Kid. Where does she fit in? Duke tells her that she'd look hot as a redhead, and that gives her the idea to meet June as Sarah, and see if that helps the older lady remember. It does, and June tells her that the Cogans only raised James. The Colorado Kid is Sarah's son.

The Guard

Jordan tells Nathan that Grady, a Guard member, has gone missing. His disappearance was around the time the bolt gun killer appeared. Nathan shows her a photo from the ATM scalping, and she IDs the killer's watch as Grady's. She wants 24 hours to find him and bring him in. Later, Dwight and Jordan hunt down Rick, the troubled fellow Grady was supposed to bring into Haven when he went missing. Rick tells him that he went to Route 17, like he was supposed to, but the cops were there and the meeting never happened. Jordan gives him a new contact to help him acclimate to the town. Later, they find Grady's van, burned out, with Grady's charred remains inside. Jordan calls Nathan to tell him that one of his men was the last to see Grady alive. Nathan counters that none of his men have been out on Route 17, and she argues that he may have a rouge officer.

Audrey and Duke find the tattoo design engraved on a wooden plaque outside the Cogan house. The renter put it up to let "special" people know that the house was a safe place for them to stay. Audrey thinks maybe she helped troubled people find safe houses, and calls Nathan about that possibility. He tells her that the Guard runs a nationwide network, so that could be.

Nathan borrows Tommy's GPS, and sees that it recently found Route 17. Later, Tommy won't let Nathan look in the trunk of his car. Nathan sends Tommy off for a minute, opens the trunk, and finds a bolt gun. Tommy comes back, admits it's his gun, and shoots Nathan twice in the chest, killing him. Noel was in the car, and tries to run away. Tommy shoots at her as she flees. When Audrey arrives, he lies and says Noel shot Nathan. Duke doesn't say it, but you can see that he's not buying that.

Now, here's my question: Is Tommy working alone? The photo from earlier clearly showed Grady's watch. Tommy doesn't have the tattoo, as far as we've seen. Or, could it be that Tommy isn't really Tommy? Could he be a troubled person who has maybe taken Tommy's form? Or, is Tommy being blackmailed by the bolt gun killer? I need answers, Show!

The Town Gossip

Nathan is obviously jealous of Duke's trip with Audrey. Audrey wants to experience life before she disappears. She has a mere matter of days left, and wants pizza, and Funyuns and Pez, and ... well, life. She doesn't want to fight her fate, anymore. She just wants to live. She kisses Duke. She instantly regrets it.

Next Week: The Dramatic Conclusion! Friday, 10 p.m. on Syfy.