'Grimm' recap: 'The Hour of Death'

Nick is feeling punchy. Courtesy NBC

Opening Quote: "And branded upon the beast, the mark of his kin. For none shall live whom they have seen."

Nick is having another nightmare on the couch. Only this time it's about a case and not Juliette. She wakes him from his nightmare, but then things get ugly. Finally! Nick is sick and tired of sleeping on the damn couch. But after Juliette leaves, Nick looks like a kicked puppy.

Ugh, some low-life is throwing pictures of the missing girl from Nick's nightmare into a fire. Sounds like he's into some human trafficking. When Nick and Hank show up, Nick is instantly suspicious of the man's wood burning stove. When he rushes over and pulls a photo of Donna out of the fire, the scum slips his Wesen face out and runs. Hank barely stops Nick from pummeling the scumbag into a puddle.

Back at the station, Adrian Zane claims the pictures were of his girlfriend, but since the photos burned up they don't have any evidence and he is released. He makes a big scene in the police station about Nick threatening him, while Renard, Sgt. Wu and Ryan the Intern look on. Nick decides he has to go all lone wolf to investigate this guy so Hank doesn't get in trouble.

Meanwhile, Juliette is doing her own investigating. Of Adalind. Only she isn't having any luck finding her. Renard calls her, interrupting her efforts. He lays it on thick about being concerned about Nick and they decide to meet the next day to talk about it. They both get off the phone looking rather smug and proud of themselves.

Nick hightails it to the Spice Shop to consult with Monroe. By the way, where is Rosalee? It's been forever! How is the Monromance supposed to get anywhere if she is still gone? Anyway, Nick wants a truth serum to use on our lowlife friend. Monroe asks him how he's going to get it into the guy. "Crossbow" Nick replies. I'd say Nick is a little tetchy and Monroe gets to work. Ha, you just thought he was joking! Nick actually does take a crossbow with him to the guy's house. He goes in and ends up in the basement, where he finds the guy strung up and very, very dead. As he moves in for a closer look, Hank comes down the stairs. Seeing the mess, he accusingly asks "Nick, what have you done?"

Flustered, Nick tries to explain himself, but Hank is quite suspicious of the crossbow. They are looking at the marks on the man, a G shaped brand, when they hear sirens. Hank wisely advises Nick to get rid of the crossbow."I sure hope your guilty" Hank mutters to the corpse. Sgt. Wu shows up saying the guy called 911 and confessed to everything and even told them where the girl was. After seeing the body, "No wonder he confessed" he quips.

The 911 recording reveals that Adrian the Scumbag is obviously being tortured, but his attacker never speaks. Ryan the intern shows up with coffee and a goofy grin and they invite him to stick around. So far, no one knows what the symbol means. It look a lot like a G to me. G for Grimm maybe? Guess who does know what the symbol means? Monroe, of course, and Bud the Plumber. They see the mark on the news and both call the Grimm.

Monroe opens the door, with "Oh boy, do we have trouble!" The symbol is a G in the old, old, old German language. It stands for Grimm. Duh. Monroe proceeds to tell them about stories passed down to Wesen children, cautionary tales, if you will. Ha ha! Wesen have their own Grimm's Fairy Tales! In these stories, Grimm's have no conscious or compassion and brand all their victims with this mark. "The Hour of Death" is a story about Grimms marauding across the countryside cutting off limbs and testicles, killing and branding all Wesen. Testicles? Testicles. Looks like there is another Grimm in the area. And he's not very nice.

Nick gets a call from the Bad Grimm who berates him for not killing Adrian Zane himself. He does, however deem him not completely hopeless since he did show up with a crossbow. Obviously, bad boy was watching. Besides being mean, the Bad Grimm videoed the torture and put it online, where it went viral overnight. They finally find Robert, Adrian's partner, and haul him into the station.

Juliette and Renard takes this time to meet at a coffee shop. Renard is acting all sweet and helpful, worried about Nick. Juliette begins to confide in him. Renard, seeing his moment, takes her hand. Supposedly to console her, but we know the truth. Juliette still retains some sense and leaves, accidentally leaving her sunglasses on the table.

While Nick and Hank are talking to the officers going through Robert's van, he escapes or is let go by our Mr. Bad Grimm. They immediately send SWAT to his house, where they find his corpse. He's been tortured and branded just like Adrian. When they get back to the station, Ryan the Intern brings in Bud the Plumber to talk to Nick. Poor Bud. He's trying to warn Nick that the other Wesen are afraid that it's him doing all of the killing.

Thankfully, we have Sgt. Wu to work his magic on the cameras. Guess who let Robert out of the interrogation room? Ryan the Intern. I knew that kid was bad. He was too nice, it had to be an act. And guess who Ryan's next victim is? Poor Bud. They race over to Ryan's apartment, but only find Ryan's alcoholic mother. The real goodies are inside Ryan's bedroom. There they find an entire wall covered with photos of our dear Det. Nick Burkhardt. Looks like Ryan has a crush. They head to Bud's shop, hoping to find Bud before Ryan does. Ryan, of course, already has Bud. He is dressed up in a black robe and a mask and has Bud tied up. Bud is babbling that Nick is his friend as Ryan heats up the brand. Nick bursts into the room and Ryan takes off running.

Nick catches him pretty easily and Ryan rants about how he is a better Grimm, etc.. In fact, he gets himself so worked up, his Wesen face comes out to play. He looks like a tapeworm, only uglier. He worms away, insisting that he is a Grimm and not what Nick sees. Nick looks on pityingly, but doesn't lower his gun. Ryan turns and inches towards Nick, begging him to kill him. Cringing, Nick punches and cuffs him. As Sgt. Wu leads Ryan away, he cracks that they really need better psych evaluations for interns.

As Wu drives away with Ryan, Hank asks Nick if he wasn't a Grimm, then what was he? "Whatever he is, it's not what he wants to be." Poor cringing, wormy little Ryan. I almost feel sorry for him.

While Nick is out fighting crime and saving ice beavers from certain death, Renard stops by the house to return Juliette's sunglasses. They can't help but make googly eyes at each other. Then Renard leans in and kisses her. Under the magic of this princely kiss, Juliette realizes that Renard was in the hospital, so he kisses her again. Juliette breaks away and backs into the house shutting the door. She sinks to the floor looking very disappointed in herself. Hmm. wonder if she'll tell Nick about this? Would you?

There's only two episodes left until the winter break!

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