'Grimm' recap: 'To Protect And Serve Man"

Hank revisits his past. Courtesy NBC

Opening Quote: "The beast was simply the Call of the Wild personified ... which some natures hear to their own destruction"

We start out with a trip down memory lane. Seven years ago Hank was still a uniformed cop. He responded to a shooting and arrested a man who said the men he shot were "monsters" trying to eat him. Given Hank's new-found knowledge of Wesen, it does make one go "hmmm." Craig Ferren was the man he arrested, he was given the death penalty for shooting those men. And he is scheduled to be executed tomorrow. Hank is concerned that he was wrong about Ferren. Nick is thrilled to be given this new task.

Juliette is confiding in a friend that she "likes" Nick. That's always good. She says it feels like she just met him. Her friend cottons on to that Juliette has feelings for someone else. She gets all teary talking about these "feelings." Cry me a river, sweetheart.

Hank and Nick go to Ferren's ex-girlfriend looking for clues about the case. She agrees to talk to them, and shows them some letters Craig sent her. They track down Craig's lawyer, who gives them some sketches Craig drew of the monsters, aka the Kreski brothers. The Judge apparently didn't like his artwork. She refused to admit it as evidence.

After a trip to The Trailer, they determine that the Kreski's are wendigos. Hank astutely surmises that wendigo doesn't sound very German. In 1759, one of Nick's ancestors was told about wendigo's by the Algonquin tribe in the area. Incidentally, did you know Jeffrey Dahmer was a wendigo? Awesome! The boys decide they need to go speak to Ferren himself. Of course, going to a prison is not really the safest place for a Grimm. Recall how many Wesen Nick has put in prison? They finally see Ferren, who is not being very cooperative. Nick finally pulls up a photo he took of the wendigo drawing in his book. Poor Ferren, he was just there trying to fix the sink. I never realized being a plumber was so dangerous! The Kreski brother's were drunk. Damn, I hate drunken wendigos. They told the poor guy they would fix HIM for dinner. Which is when Craig got all gun happy on them.

Sadly, they still need evidence to prove the brothers were cannibalistic monsters, or Craig will never be released. They drive off in search of the Kreski's house, only to find it's now a grocery store. I hate when that happens.

Renard calls Juliette about the kiss he laid on her at the door. They agree it was a mistake. Juliette declares that they should never see each other again. "Yeah, I'm not so sure that's going to work," Renard replies. After a pause, Juliette agrees. He says he knows someone that might be able to help, would she be willing to try? He is in the middle of giving her the address to The Spice Shop, I'm sure, when Sgt. Wu interrupts. The District Attorney is there to meet with him.

Of course, the District Attorney is there to talk to the Captain about Nick and Hank digging into Craig Ferren's case. Conveniently, the two barge into Renard's office in the middle of this little meeting. Renard agrees to not stop their digging, but nobody is really going to help. Since one of the Kreski brothers lived, they need to catch him being all cannibalistic wendigo to prove that there might be some credence to Ferren's claim. Unfortunately, they have some trouble finding him. His current address isn't listed anywhere in their databases, even though we get to see him cooking a scrumptious stew with a whole human foot in it. Really? Why wouldn't you chop it up? It's gonna take a long time to cook that way. The boys decide they need some sleep and head home.

Nick gets home to find Juliette still up, working on her laptop. She asks him what he remembers about the night she woke up in the hospital. All he really remembers is that she didn't remember him. She can only remember feeling like something was taken away from her. Nick, who already looks tired of this conversation, throws out that it was the cat scratch. Juliette snaps back that a cat scratch has never made her lose her memory before. He finally asks her what she remembers of the night she went into the coma. All she remembers is being at Monroe's. Nick tries to prod her memory about WHY they were at Monroe's. She remembers nothing. She does remember standing in the rain crying, but doesn't remember why. She starts crying now, begging Nick to tell her why she was crying then. He refuses, saying she wouldn't understand and she stomps off to bed. Leaving Nick the couch again, I'm sure.

Nick and Hank finally use some tax records to track down Keski's workplace. Once there, Hank proceeds to antagonize Kreski, trying to get a Wesen response from him. He succeeds of course, as Kreski stomps off. This doesn't however, prove anything substantial.

Finally, we get some Monroe! At the Spice Shop, Monroe is on the phone with Rosalee. Her aunt is doing better and she will be home in a week or two. Monroe has to hang up when Renard walks in. Renard informs Monroe that he will be bringing "her" in tomorrow and he needs complete privacy. Monroe assures him he will do his best to get him de-obsessified.

Meanwhile, Nick and Hank break into Kreski's house looking for his pit of death. Their probable cause is based on Kreski's outstanding warrant for skipping jury duty. Let this be a lesson to you, folks. Do not skip jury duty. Inside they find a trap door underneath the refrigerator leading to the crawlspace under the house. Poetic isn't it? The entrance to his compost pile is under his fridge. Clever! There's another hidden pit under the crawlspace. Luckily, this one's got the goods. As Hank crawls back up to the house, Mr. Kreski returns home and attacks him. Hanks succeeds in wounding Kreski, who runs off. Hank goes after Kreski, while Nick tries to get hold of the D.A. to stop Ferren's execution. As Nick is pacing the floor talking to the D.A., Kreski bursts through the door and attacks him. Ultimately, Nick throws him out the window and Hank is forced to shoot the ravenous beast.

Luckily, as they are hooking Craig up to the juice, the Governor calls, issuing a stay of execution. They dig up the floor of the grocery store and find corpses galore, so another victory for the Grimm Team!

At The Spice Shop, Monroe is locking the place up, preparing fr his very important customers. He is pouring some tea, when the bell goes off. It is Renard and Juliette. She looks around and proclaims herself unsure about this. "We have to try" Renard pleads. As Monroe walk in, he finds the two making out in the middle of the shop. Juliette's back is to him, so he doesn't recognize her until the two detangle themselves. "Oh boy." he says. Ha, ha!

Stay tuned next week for Juliette's confession and Adalind's return on Grimm's Fall Finale!

The next episode of Grimm, "Season of the Hexenbiest" airs Friday, Nov. 16 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.