'Haven' recap: 'Magic Hour, Part 2'

Audrey's got Nathan's Back. Courtesy Syfy

Previously on Haven: Two sisters have been killing rich people and resurrecting them for ransom. Nathan's dead because Tommy's the Bolt Gun Killer, and the sister who can bring people back is nowhere to be found. That pretty much covers it.

The Trouble

Audrey and Duke go looking for Noel the reviver, and discover blood, signifying that she's been shot, too. They know Tommy shot after her, but Tommy says he was only shooting at her because she's the one who shot Nathan. I don't think either of them are buying that story, but they don't have time to quibble. They need to find Noel before the sun sets. Tommy is absolutely no help (obviously), and says they should keep Nathan's death between the three of them for now.

The three make it to Boyfriend, Joseph's, apartment, and see him running out with a full medical kit. Audrey guesses he's on his way to find Noel, and tells Tommy to radio the roadblocks to let him through. Tommy radios the roadblocks, alright, but tells them to blow the guy's head off; he's a cop killer.

Somehow, Boyfriend Joseph gets through, anyway, and the trio meet him at a random-looking house. Audrey goes upstairs, Duke stays with Joseph, and Tommy goes downstairs, where he finds a horribly injured Noel, and smothers her to death with a pillow. Things are not looking so hot for Nathan, right now.

After a very convenient commercial break, we find Nathan and Noel in the trunk of Audrey's car. Personally, I would have loved to have heard Tommy's explanation for why it took him so long to call them over to Noel's body, when he basically just had to walk down the stairs to find her. Duke isn't sure why they need to keep Noel around, but Audrey says they might need her, then finds a neat Ziploc baggie filled with journals and paperwork on Moira (the killer sister) and her possible whereabouts.

You've got to love a helpful corpse. Audrey thinks that, since troubles run in families, Moira might be able to bring Nathan back. She calls Dwight for backup, then hangs up when Nathan's phone rings. It's Jordan, worried that Nathan hasn't answered any of her calls. Audrey blows her off, but Jordan's not finished with the conversation.

Audrey goes back inside to talk to Joseph, and try to find out what triggered Noel's trouble. He tells her that it was his death that brought it on. He'd been killed in an accident, and the sight of someone she loved lying dead brought on the curse. Audrey also finds out from him that the girls were raised as orphans. Their Mom died of an illness, and then their father died in a car accident. The three were ejected from the vehicle, and Dad didn't make it. I think you can see where this is going.

Audrey leaves to find Moira in the empty house of one of Moira's vacationing employers. Moira tells Audrey not to shoot her; she didn't kill that cop. Audrey says she knows that Noel shot Nathan, but Moira tells her that's not true, and that she'll tell her what happened if Audrey puts Moira and Noel on the next bus out of town. Audrey cuffs Moira to a chair instead, and tells her to spill. Moira explains that she saw Tommy shoot Nathan, and that Nathan's last words were, "You're the Bolt Gun Killer". Audrey immediately calls Duke and relates the information to him. The plan, now, is for Audrey to trigger Moira's curse and save Nathan, and for Duke to keep Tommy busy, then when it's safe, take him down. Duke hangs up, tells Tommy that the call was Audrey saying she still hadn't found Moira. He suggests that they look in another vacant house, and asks Tommy to loan him a gun. Tommy tells him that would be against regulation, so Duke sends him into the house alone, on a wild goose chase.

Back at the house Moira is actually in, Jordan shows up, having followed a tracking device on Nathan's phone--'cause that's healthy. Audrey caves and shows Jordan Nathan's body, and the two girls decide that the best way to trigger Moira's trouble is to traumatize her.

Meanwhile, at the goose chase house, Tommy finds Duke playing with a hatchet. At first, he's suspicious, but Duke convinces him he's just looking out for their safety, and Tommy gives him a gun.

Moira and Audrey bring in Noel's body, and Moira is nonplussed. There are really not words for how much I truly dislike this woman. Her little sister is dead on the floor, and she could not care less. Evil. She's just...evil. Neither Audrey nor Jordan can decide if the trouble was triggered, but Audrey explains that Duke could determine it. If she's troubled, he'll go all silver-eyed when her blood touches him. The trick is, he's with Tommy, and Tommy is a definite danger.

Back on the goose chase, Tommy asks Duke about the Colorado Kid investigation, and Duke tries to tell him they didn't find anything. Tommy calls Duke a bad liar, and Duke calls Tommy the Bolt Gun Killer. Tommy doesn't care for that name, but admits Duke's right, and that the gun he gave him isn't loaded. The boys tussle, and some of Tommy's blood touches Duke, making him hulk out, and proving that Tommy is troubled. Holy mackerel! I might be right! Tommy might not be "Tommy" after all! Something tells me that, were you to check out that body Tommy dumped several episodes ago, you'd find the REAL Tommy. I think the Bolt Gun Killer is an impostor. Anyway, Tommy runs into Jordan while trying to escape, sending him onto the floor in pain. Unfortunately, he recovers enough to toss her at Duke, hurting him, and allowing Tommy to get away. Great.

Back at Moira Mansion, Audrey lays Nathan's body before Moira, who really just seems irritated. She's figured out the plan, and doesn't want her trouble triggered. Thus begins her villain monologue. To sum up: Noel's curse has been triggered twice. Boyfriend Joseph's death was the second time. The first was when their Mom passed. After that, Noel brought back her hamster and various woodland creatures, but when their father was killed, Noel wouldn't bring him back. She said she was afraid, then sat in the dirt and cried. Kids, this is when we all put two and two together and figure out that Noel saved her sister's life, then couldn't save their Dad's. I'm hating Moira more and more by the second.

Audrey notices the sun starting to go down, and begins to worry that Jordan and Duke might not make it in time. Moira coldly asks if that would be a problem, and Audrey just kind of snaps. She says that watching a loved one die normally triggers a trouble, and that the only person Moira loves is Moira, so she's going to kill her...slowly. She only needs her alive till sunset, so she can shoot her so that she'll bleed out slowly, allowing plenty of time for the curse to show up and for Moira to save Nathan. All she wants is Nathan back. To prove her point, she shoots the ground near Moira's chair. Jordan and Duke rush in at the gunshot, and Duke tests Moira's blood, but she's not troubled. Audrey decides to shoot her.

Moira asks what it feels like to lose someone you love. Does it make Audrey feel crazy, because that's how she felt waking up in the back of their Dad's truck after the accident. Audrey points out that they were all ejected, but Moira argues that she was only unconscious from being hit in the back of the head by her Dad's toolbox, and shows Audrey the scar. Audrey finds the same scar on Noel, and they all realize what we already know: Noel brought Moira back from the dead after their accident. She could only save one life in a day, so she chose her sister. Moira breaks down, understanding that she's made her poor sister's life a nightmare, all because she saved her life. Moira rushes over to her sister's body, apologizes, and lays her hands on both Noel and Nathan...and nothing happens.

Audrey holds the late Nathan Wuornos in her arms, and tells him that she was one that was supposed to go. She loves him. She's always loved him. She always will love him. Both Duke and Jordan look understandably ill at this touching admission, but before either can say anything, Duke goes silver-eyed, and both bodies stir. Suddenly, Moira convulses. Nathan looks up at Audrey. "Hey, Parker."

Noel crawls over to her sister and says that she never wanted Moira to know. She didn't want her to feel guilty. Oh, irony! The sisters share a few tears and what appears to be a goodbye before Moira closes her eyes.

Later, Audrey sends Noel and Boyfriend Joseph off with Dwight. The couple leaving town until the troubles are over. In the backseat, comatose, yet still alive, lies Moira. They're going to try starting over.

The Colorado Kid

The Teagues are concerned that the Bolt Gun Killer may have figured out that Audrey/Sarah knows that she is the Colorado Kid's mother. They revisit their recent break-in, and deduce that the killer wanted them to focus on the cabinet he opened with his bolt gun, and not on what he really went after, which could be pretty much anything in their fire hazard of an office. After some heavy searching, the men find that the key to their fishing shack is actually a copy, meaning someone else has the original. They go to check out the shack and find the door open, but they haven't been in the shack for a year. Upon investigating, they find a boat ready for launch, and Tommy inside the shack. The Teagues joke that they were going fishing with guns, but then admit that they thought the Bolt Gun Killer was in the shack. Tommy tells them that they're right. Nathan shows Audrey the GPS, and they use it to track Tommy to the shack. He's inside, grilling the brothers about a barn that, supposedly, only comes for Audrey. Tommy has beaten the Teagues to a bloody pulp. Nathan and Audrey rush in, and Tommy escapes to the waiting boat. The officers shoot at the boat, and it explodes, ostensibly killing Tommy. His body is not found.

At Nathan's Welcome Back From the Dead party (A.K.A. Taco Tuesday at the Gray Gull), Audrey tells Claire that she's the Colorado Kid's mother, and she's going to look for him with what time she has left. Vince Teague apologizes for being so deceitful, but that he was only trying to protect her. She asks who the Colorado Kid's father was, but he tells her that Sarah never said. In the distance, a barn appears for a fleeting second. Vince sees it, but Audrey does not. He grins and says that, "everything's just the way it's supposed to be", and escorts her back inside to the party.

The Town Gossip

Audrey wants to tell Nathan about everything that happened in Colorado, and he's ready to skip the party to find somewhere quiet to talk. Audrey sees Jordan watching unhappily, and tells him that now's not a good time.

Next Week: They've got to get Duke back...to the future!